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Working in Social Media Social media has revolutionized the way we do business, communicate, and socialize. The individual and, more importantly, the business that does not jump on this bandwagon, however belatedly, may find themselves at the base of the hill looking up at their competitors. Like any tool, social media may be developed as an extremely useful platform for marketing, strategizing, and promoting a business, product, or service. For those of us who are already deeply steeped in social media culture we are familiar with the inner workings of the beast, but there is a bit of a gap between utilizing social media as an individual vs. optimizing social media for a business.

Business or Pleasure? Making the jump from being a tweet master and a facebook fiend to helping a company master the ins and outs of social media for business means more than just helping them set up and manage an account. Take the time to learn what different positions are out there for businesses looking to employ a social media department. Which jobs look most appealing to you? Are there any that you know you don’t want to do? Much of social media applications for business include a basic understanding of marketing and promotional strategies. Learn what you can about the industry and the basic tenants of the profession. As you work to learn, make sure that you are also working to stay ahead of emerging technologies and trends in social media. Become proficient in all the different platforms and apps and have your own profile that you use regularly.

Landing the Job Begin by building your resume and skill set. Learn what software and programs you should be familiar with, like wordpress, or photo editing software, and then work to become proficient in them. Volunteer your time to help a company with their social media profiles to gain some hands on experience. Document your successes and failures and learn from both. Work to expand your creativity and innovative strategies when building social media accounts for business. As for your personal accounts, make sure that they remain professional and clean cut. No company wants to hire someone who regularly shares their party time images and drunken videos. As you begin to gain more experience begin to network with those who are already employed in the industry and specifically focus on people who work in the position or at the company that you want to work for. Once you have bulked up your resume and are applying for positions, go into the interviews with confidence. Research the companies you are applying with and know what you can about them and the people you will be interviewing with. As you enter the interview remember that you are competent in your field and your experience has taught you how to grow and adapt with an ever changing industry.

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Working in social media  
Working in social media