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3 of the Most Important Qualities of an Employee When you hire the right employees, they’ll create a business that not only works, but rises in both reputation and influence. The employees that will help you get to that point contain three important qualities that are taught in code of conduct and compliance training, but are more helpful when they come with employees as they enter your company.

Honesty is Always the Best Policy Companies don’t become successful for dishonest work. They don’t even get business after a while. News soon spreads that a business is dishonest, they are reported to the Better Business Bureau and the courts will often get involved if they’re not keeping their end of the bargain. Dishonest business behavior means that you get shut down and sued. Not only that, but your record is forever marred because of the dishonest dealings. Society clings to honesty to hold itself together. Without it, trust in your neighbor cannot exist. Fill your company with honest people. The more honest they are, the more you’ll be able to trust that your company will behave honestly as well.

Respect Ever hear the phrase that if you want to know the true measure of a man, you look at how he treats people under him, not above him? Anyone can put on a smile, friendly demeanor, and play yes-man with their boss. But have you ever seen how they treat the janitor that comes in to clean up at the end of the day? A healthy respect for everyone helps ensure that the janitor is treated just as well as the boss. Respect means that you accept people as people, not for their titles or position of power. Everyone is equal, and you would never do or say anything to hurt another person. Considering that your employees are your company’s image, you don’t want snobs to come in and demean your customers, partners, and fellow employees. Look for a healthy level of respect from your future employees. You can tell that from the way they treat the people in your office, and interviews with their references.

Integrity Integrity is like honesty, only it applies to a sense of honor, loyalty, and a commitment to stick to your guns. In medieval times, you had honor to protect. It was a reputation. Honor was determined by how loyal you were to your morals and how often you would stick to your guns when you said you’d do something. When you practiced any manner of disloyalty or refused to do something you said you would, you trampled on your honor and put your name to shame. Although the trampling of a name doesn’t happen in quite the same way today, you build up a reputation of integrity in much the same way you built up your honor, through loyalty and honesty in all of your dealings. You become known for your integrity and people can count on you. This is another great quality you should look for in your employees. You can find out about a person’s integrity by their punctuality to finish assignments you agreed to, as well as by contacting their references. When you have an employee base committed to honesty, respect, and integrity, you have the makings of a great team. If you have employees that struggle with any of these points, consider adding compliance training to their schedules to make them the best they can be.

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3 of the Most Important Qualities of an Employee