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Benefitting from Pre- Employment Psychological Testing Pre-employment psychological tests are a highly useful way to ensure that potential employees are the right people that you want in your workforce. These tests are useful in a lot of ways, for varying reasons. One reason is that a company will want to be sure that potential employees are going to fit in within their organization. As such, pre-employment psychological tests are a great way to determine how compatible someone will be with your organization and to begin a person down the path of compliance training.

Screening applicants The first use for the pre- employment psychological test is to screen out those who may not be as well-adjusted as would be preferred. It is important to note that those who have psychological problems are not people who have given up or made bad decisions, but instead suffer from real problems which require treatment. Therefore, the point of these tests is not to discriminate, but instead to be able to locate those who might not be able to handle the strains of employment. Work in any capacity can be stressful, and it requires a lot of dedication and effort, but those who will not be able to complete specific tasks due to medical or psychological impairments can be assessed for different positions within the company that will be more suited to their capabilities. Therefore, the first use of such screening is to find the individuals who will be able to work and to work effectively in the vacant position being filled. In order for a business to be able to function and succeed, the people who are doing the work need to be able to be competent in their duties and up to date on their compliance training.

Do they mesh well with your company? The next purpose of the pre-employment psychological test is to make sure that potential candidates will mesh well with your company. Every company has corporate culture and a certain feel to it, so it is important to bring in people who will be able to mesh well with other, work well with them, and spend a lot of each day with them. There are different personality types that come into play when looking for people to hire, as well as different motivations that people have. These include factors like regarding productivity, fun, and cooperation.

No matter what, it is important for people to feel like they could have a place in your organization, as well as feeling like they can contribute. Therefore, it may be worth it all to ensure that personalities and individuals mesh well. When it all comes down to it, these things are things that come up in an office every day. Various people of different backgrounds and personality types need to be able to work together for a bigger purpose, and have various projects come together to get a defined end result- without that capability, there can be no real progress made along the way. Above all else, you are going to want to be sure that potential employees will be hard working and are well adjusted. Having a professional and effective workforce is well worth the effort you put into the screening process. You should be able to notice pronounced results from the processes you put in place when hiring new people. The difference should be noticeable in both results and the overall ability of your workforce to be a cohesive whole. Photo Credit: Graela, DR Snafu, Lululemon

Benefitting from Pre- Employment Psychological Testing