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The Growing field of Human Resources In the popular television series “The Office� the audience witnesses the comedic interactions between a regional manager named Michael and the corporate Human Resources representative name Toby. For reasons that are never explained beyond his constant annoyance to Michael, Toby is vehemently loathed by the manager and his efforts at executing human resource business with in the office are routinely shut down by the manager Michael. This comedic portrayal of the disdainful relationship that exists between a manger and the human resources department is sadly somewhat true in modern business practices. Granted, this fictional relationship is not as heated in real life as it is to the extent that is portrayed in the popular television series, however, the human resource profession as a whole has been somewhat looked down upon by others in the business world.

Compliance training This may be in part due to the fact that human resources will commonly deal with compliance training and other legal regulations that surpass the authority of a company’s executives. So while a boss may be the boss every other day of the week, when it comes to things like sexual harassment training and compliance days or other types of federally obligated compliance training and enforcement obligations the human resources department holds directorate authority. But whatever the reasons may be for the traditional, if not completely conjured, tension that exists between a lot of managers and their human resources department, the need for human resources professionals is in increasingly high demand. These business professionals are specifically trained to deal with all aspects of human interaction that exists within the daily business operations of corporations. This includes all industries that exists in global economy, both private and public.

We need more HR professionals Therefore, all industries of employment have need for human resources professionals to operate their departments that oversee such things as hiring employees, representing employee rights, dealing with

payroll interactions and mediating insurance coverage plans for employees. Subsequently all industries, business, medical and healthcare, and even governmental institutions are in need of a human resource department. As mentioned above, a few of the responsibilities of a human resources specialist usually include duties such as the recruitment and screening of employees, interview applicants, placement of new hirers, payroll, allocation of benefit programs like insurance policies and they typically conduct training courses that educate employees in federal or state guidelines concerning sensitive issues including sexual harassment policies. A career in human resources can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience for those who purse it. It allows for social interaction and problem solving for those who enjoy working with others in a team atmosphere to benefit still others with the workplace. The job outlook for human resource professionals likewise looks promising. It is predicted that within the next decade the field of human resources will expand by twenty one percent. That is significantly higher than most job outlooks for most industries. With a bachelor’s degree being all that is required for entry level human resource job positions, there are many who will qualify for this rewarding career. Photo credit: Doobybrian, Geoff LMV

The Growing field of Human Resources  

In the popular television series “The Office” the audience witnesses the comedic interactions between a regional manager named Michael and t...

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