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Successfully Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Sexual harassment is often an uncomfortable subject to talk about, but it is necessary to discuss it so it can be prevented as much as possible. Sexual harassment occurs more often than anyone would like to admit, and the workplace is a common venue for sexual harassment. If you are a boss or in a leadership position at your job, you know that sexual harassment is illegal. All 50 states have anti-harassment laws that are in full working order.

Inform your staff As a boss of your work environment, it is important for you to convey to your employees that sexual harassment is in fact illegal, and they will face legal action if they decide to harass another employee. Harassment occurs so often in the workplace because employees cannot leave or take themselves out of the situation very easily. Organize a meeting where the primary focus is to discuss your company’s sexual harassment policy. Go into detail about a few different forms sexual harassment can take so your employees know what you mean when you talk about sexual harassment. It can often be an uncomfortable subject to bring out in the open, but it is crucial and necessary to do so. Holding meetings like these can help prevent instances of sexual harassment from occurring in the workplace and can help your employees to feel comfortable in a safe work environment.

Give proper training It is important to give supervisors proper sexual harassment training as well. If the supervisors are trained in how to deal with cases of sexual harassment, then employees will feel more comfortable going to talk to them if they are being harassed. Try to ask your employees periodically if everything is alright for them in the workplace. Keep an eye out over the work environment to make sure nothing is awry. You obviously won’t be able to catch all instances of sexual harassment by doing this, but it can help you be more in tune with what is happening in your work environment, and can help your employees to feel

like they are safe and someone is looking after them. Another important thing to remember as the boss is that you should not brush off or diminish any complaints of sexual harassment.

Always take action Even if you don’t personally believe the person, or for some reason their story seems false, you should still look into it and take proper action. You don’t want to imagine what would happen if you ignored a complaint of sexual harassment in your workplace and then your employee took legal action against you. Make sure to always be professional when dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace. It is a sensitive subject in general and should be treated as such. In your sexual harassment training with your supervisors and employees, make sure that they know simple ways to personally prevent sexual harassment. Appearing weak can sometimes encourage sexual harassment, as can dressing provocatively. Victims of sexual harassment should never be blamed for the harassment, but they should know of things they can do to try to prevent sexual harassment from happening to them. Photo Credit:,

Successfully Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace