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Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp During the Summer If you attend one of the colleges in Colorado Springs, you are probably excited that summer is quickly approaching. You probably have lots of fun activities and vacations planned for your summer. But if you are a student, it is a good idea to try to keep your mind sharp during the summer. If you don’t try to keep your mind sharp during summer vacation, you could forget all the knowledge you learned during school. Another good reason to keep your mind sharp over the summer is so it is not such a shock to come back to school at the end of the summer. If you’ve been using your brain all throughout the summer, then going back to school will not seem like an abrupt change at all.

The Power of Reading One of the best things you can do over the summer to keep your brain sharp is to read. It doesn’t really matter what you read, as long as you’re reading. Reading has been linked to higher grades and higher standardized test scores. While reading, your brain is active and awake. While reading anything will still keep your brain active, there are certain types of reading materials that will be more beneficial for you than others. Biographies, autobiographies, and other nonfiction books will be very stimulating for your brain. Less stimulating things would be things like romance novels or magazines. However, these activities still involve reading, so they are better than nothing.

The Power of Volunteer Work Something else you can do over the summer to keep your brain sharp is to volunteer in your community. There are hundreds of different types of places you can volunteer during the summer. Just a few examples are nursing homes, hospices, daycares, homeless shelters, music venues, soup kitchens, crisis lines, and other nonprofit organizations. Many organizations today could use the help of happy and dedicated college students, so they would greatly appreciate your help if you expressed an interest in volunteering.

Volunteering is a great thing to do because it gives you experience with helping people. Helping people is one of the main ways that you can find happiness. By helping other people, you are more likely to forget about your own problems. You will also be able to have more empathy for people who are in tough situations that you may not be in. Another great thing you can do in the summertime is to spend time in nature. Go for a hike near your home. Or perhaps you could go swimming in a local river. Anything outdoors and active will help you to stay happier and healthier on your break from school. Another idea for a fun activity in the summertime is keeping a journal. Keeping a journal will help you to come to know yourself better and to become more in tune with your thoughts, emotions, and motivations. Colleges in Colorado Springs are about to let out for the summer, and it is imperative that you keep your mind sharp over the summer. Doing so will help you to stay on top of your studies and will help you be smarter.

Ways to keep your brain sharp during the summer  
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