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Value of College Can really put a price on college? Some say you can’t and some put a specific number on it based on the returns you get from it. Whatever side you are one you have to admit that there is some value to a college education. Here are some reasons why.

Friends The friends you make in college will most likely be friends for life. You go through all the drama of dating together, all of the pain of crazy schedules and classes, and lastly you end up enjoying the college life outside of school together. There is no price you can put on friendships that will last a lifetime!

Recommendations You are ultimately looking for a job out there in the world and it takes some real guts to ask for help but people are always more inclined to help you get into the workforce when you have been doing homework and showing participation in class. Professors can add value to your life, not just with the knowledge they give you, but with the connections they have to the outside market as well.

Knowledge Let’s face it, knowledge is power and even though you can learn outside of an academic institution, there are some very positive things you can get from it as well. First off, most academic institutions require that you take a certain amount of classes outside of your field of study in order to broaden your learning. This may pull you out of your comfort zone but can actually stimulate more learning than anything else. It can also help you build confidence as you learn to conquer some of your fears. For instance you may have gone into philosophy, but you found out that you still needed to take Calculus or physics to actually get into your major classes. This can be frustrating but when you finish up you will have a sense of accomplishment and you will know that you can really learn anything that you apply yourself to.

Discipline If you get a college education then you will definitely learn discipline along the way. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it isn’t really that hard. It takes a lot of learning outside of class with all of the homework. This can take away from your social life and pull you away from work and family. If you make it through in the end you will be tough as nails and you will learn that anything is achievable as long as you’re willing to sacrifice and work for it. All of these things add up to some pretty great value. In the end when an employer looks at you and sees that you finished school, he will see that you are ready for the work environment as well. Not only

that, but he will also see that you are ready to learn. This is the hallmark of a good student and will lead you to success in your career as well as everywhere else. Photo Credit: bluegum, robhoward

Value of college  

The thing about college is the benefits don't stop at the degree, You gain so much from college.

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