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Using the Treadmill to Achieve Much Better Fitness Levels The treadmill is a very useful piece of equipment to utilize when in the pursuit of better fitness. The equipment can be utilized to achieve much better fitness levels overall for the user, granting them much better quality of life in the process. The key to the experience is the simple repetitions that can be performed in order to get a set of results. These repetitions are something that can occur naturally during the course of the experience, but they are still something that makes a big difference in the quality of the workout.

Working the whole body As the person runs, they will be putting the entirety of their body weight on one leg at a time as they go. This factor, combined with the forces of gravity and inertia, should make it so that the leg muscles have to work in order to effectively keep the body moving. Each repetition may be simple to perform, but these elements stack up quickly when it comes to the physical benefits that are offered by the experience. Therefore, the act of running in itself is a pure form of aerobic exercise, which can benefit the user greatly.

Aerobics Aerobic exercise refers to the way that the person can benefit physically form the moment that they begin running. Once the heart and lungs begin to kick in and pump with the rest of the cardiovascular system, it causes the person to effectively benefit before they feel fatigue or strain. Therefore, the two primary beneficiaries of the experience are the cardiovascular system and the legs. The legs obviously will benefit from the workout because they are the primary impetus of motion, which cause them to get the brunt of the force of the workout. Therefore, the legs should grow and expand to meet the demands that are being placed on them. This is a form of adaptive conditioning, in which the body should adapt and benefit in very real ways as the workouts progress. It is natural for the body to adapt and change in this way. The more that the body is tested physically, the more it will need to change in order to meet the stimuli that it is being subjected to.

Muscle Growth The improvements to the leg muscles will greatly aid the person in what they are doing. With stronger legs, the person will be able to work out

for greater periods of time, as well as being able to effectively feel less strain and fatigue from the workout itself. As stated, the cardiovascular system is the other primary beneficiary of the experience. As the person runs, the heart and lungs should beat and pump and adapt in order to meet the strain being placed on them. In this way, the heart and lungs are rather like muscles, in that they will be able to perform better if they are exercised frequently. This may result in a decrease in health problems and therefore a decrease in the need for surgeries. Although electrosurgical procedures are becoming more and more popular, any type of surgery still poses a certain amount of risk. Even with an electrosurgical device being used, it is still important to work to be healthy to be able to avoid any type of surgery. Photo Credit:, Englishfeast

Using the Treadmill to Achieve Much Better Fitness Levels