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The Dos and Don’ts of Fashion for Job Interviews Job interviewers are hypocrites, just maybe not in the way you’re thinking. They, along with you, all believe in the notion that you should never judge a book by its cover and yet they do it all the time.

Present the Right Self-Image Although many will never admit it, if you showed up to a job interview wearing a muddy t-shirt and ripped jeans, your candidacy for the job would suffer greatly to the professional dressed in a business suit that interviewed before you. A better appearance leaves a better impression, subconsciously. Is it a fair business practice? No, in fact, sometimes the underdressed candidate is the better worker of the two; they just get overlooked. The cover is nothing more than a picture, title, and author name. That’s all you’ll find on it. These elements hardly represent the quality of the pages inside. Underneath the cover though is a story rich in description of loveable characters conquering exciting obstacles to come out better people. The story is underrated by the story. The result is an undersold and underappreciated book. The same stands true for you as the interviewee. There’s not much you can do to improve that situation than paint the best cover you can for your interview that day. Know the fashion expected of you in your interview. The following are a few dos and don’ts of what to wear to an interview for both women and men.

Looking the Part Do dress formal. This is the cliché tip you hear from everyone you talk to. A nice business suit is always appreciated, especially when it fits you well. Purchase or adjust a suit you already have so that it fits your body type better. For men, this means your shoulder pads end at your shoulders, jacket sleeves should reach down to the base of your thumb, and your latched button(s) should create a clean V-shape from your arms to your navel. Press your shirt, shine your shoes, and wear a belt. For women, the rules are a bit more lax. Follow the same general rules with the men’s suits, but understand that the fitting doesn’t have to be exact. Just make sure it fits and looks like it fits right. It should not restrict movement.

When in doubt, wear a suit. It always looks classy. The next thought is to not dress too complicated. Simple is always best. Pick color schemes that are simple and elegant. You can usually get away with up to three colors (for men) and four colors (for women) if the colors mostly complement (not contrast). Any more than 2 contrasting colors for either gender and you start pushing the limit. Keep your color scheme simple and classy. This will leave an excellent impression on your interviewer, giving you an extra edge on the competition. These tips apply to most career choices. The only exceptions come when you have built prior relationships through networking in Cheyenne. If you know the people and the industry expectations, you can often be a bit more lax with your wardrobe. Just because you’ve got an “in” through networking in Cheyenne doesn’t mean that your reputation couldn’t be bolstered through the best wardrobe possible. To be safe, do dress nice for every interview and don’t underestimate the power of classy fashion in your candidacy.

The dos and don’ts of fashion for job interviews  
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