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Technology Changing the Face of Agriculture Agriculture, both farming and ranching, has long since been a way of life for many of the residence of Idaho Falls and the surrounding south east Idaho region. It is a region of the state and country that is known for potatoes, but those who live here understand that a lot more than spuds live off the local land. For many generations families have here grown together and with the land they work. Each family owning a spread or acreage from which they glean a living, finances and produce a like.

Times and Technology are Changing But the nature of that family operation is changing with the times. Ever increasingly technologies are advancing the way in which businesses operate and similarly increasingly the family ranch or farm is being run more and more like a business. This is done rightfully so, as the family ranch or farm is the family business and the future of that business is becoming directly tied to the ability of the workers in that family to understand and operate the complex technologies of modern agriculture. The days of the solitary Idaho cowboy or farm hand are gone and the day of the integrated, wired up cowboy or farm hand is upon us. Each managerial employee of the modern Idaho Falls information technology based spread must be aware and capable of running the family business upon the backs of computers and technology. This, largely, means that those individuals in Idaho Falls and the surrounding area that are desirous to enter the family trade of ranching or farming must first find and acquire the appropriate education level needed to run the modern agricultural business. Returning to school for a time to learn the necessary and required skills that a modern rancher or farmer will need to be successful should strongly be considered. Some of the technology that is being used to great effect by current ranchers and farmers includes the advances in GPS and tracking equipment. Ear tags are becoming increasingly implemented by ranchers to track their cattle across acres of land. Using GPS and computers, ranchers are able to keep tabs on their stock at all times and in all conditions. Recently, with the increasing price of beef, the long despised practice of cattle resulting has been seen with more and more frequency across the western states. The valued ability to track individual heads of cattle with this startling fact in mind becomes easily perceived and education and training in this technology has become vital for ranchers.

Other Advances Other advances in the technology of ranching and farming are the wide range of information and groups available for agricultural businesses. Multiple online groups exist for the betterment of national agriculture but the benefits of membership are only available to those with the technological means to join, namely a computer. Weather tracking software, pricing and financing software, and the means to carry forth the money making and business side of any enterprise are all newly necessary for the traditionally old fashioned agricultural industries. And participation with their functions will greatly increase the productivity of any agricultural business in the Idaho Falls area.

Technology Changing the Face of Agriculture  
Technology Changing the Face of Agriculture  

The way things are being done changes all the time due to technology that is developed. So the education that is provided also needs to be a...