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Overcoming the Frustrations of Computer Programming Just like any job, the joy of success in computer programming will only be earned by blood, sweat and tears. Even the best jobs have their down times. No person is perfect and therefore no business model can be perfect either. People that work in their dream jobs still come home discouraged and unhappy at times. It’s a natural part of work. The same stands true for a lot of computer programming professionals.

Why You Became a Programmer A lot of programmers got into the industry because they like what they do. They enjoy coming up with an idea, and fleshing it out to a beautiful program that is not only functional, but an attractive tool for people to use. They often think about it in their spare time and might even have side projects they are building themselves. Even they can be frustrated by their job at times. They find happiness in what they do because of the rewards they get. Many love the feeling they get when they finish a well-built program. They are proud of what they accomplished and love teaching others how they can improve their skills. The pay isn’t all that bad either. Some college students are earning $20 an hour to program part-time while they get their degree. They’re not even in the official “field” yet and they are making twice as much as other students. Computer programming offers similar ratios in the real world. Even all these benefits won’t get you through all of the strenuous frustrations that come from line coding and troubleshooting. Many rely on other things to help them problem solve on their worst days. The ideas break down into 4 categories.

Overcoming the Frustrations of Computer Programming First, do something physical to get over it. Work out, go for a run, work on a car, shoot guns, play your favorite sport, etc. Getting out and doing something that doesn’t require a lot of thinking can do wonders to decongesting your brain. Second, think about other things. Reflect on past successes. Remember other similar problems that you debugged and reminisce on the sweet feeling of accomplishment when you figured it out and it all began working.

Listen to your favorite album for a while. Turn on rock, jazz, heavy metal, folk or country. It doesn’t matter what genre. Or play your favorite video game. Play a quick level against a computer or log online with a friend to battle it out. Find a way to get involved in something else for a while to relieve your stress. Third, go get something to eat. Make sure you are well fed and hydrated. Tensions rise easily when you’re hungry or thirsty. You tend to be more levelheaded when you are well satisfied. Finally, pretend to explain what each section of code is doing to someone else. Dumb it down to a language they would understand and talk through the entire program with them. As you go through each line of code, you more easily find the problems with your programming. Computer programming is very touchy, and all it takes is one, misrepresented character to make the things crash. Going through it line-by-line and talking it out will help you notice those tiny mistakes. For those that are interested in learning more about this, the field, or want to get into it, consider looking into a career for it. Even if you’re already knee deep in a different one, it is never too late to consider changing. Stevens Henager College offers you the opportunity to get a fresh start in the world.

Stevens Henager_Overcoming the Frustrations of Computer Programming  
Stevens Henager_Overcoming the Frustrations of Computer Programming