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How to motivate those you lead No matter where you are there are opportunities to lead whether it is encouraging Nursing Staff as a manager, leading troops to the battlefield, or just influencing fellow coworkers in meetings. So here are some leadership styles that can make a huge difference wherever you may be.

Confident Leadership This requires not only confidence but competence as well. A leader who is trustworthy and worth listening to will be able to instill confidence in his followers. Many people just want to jump in and grab the reigns but it takes much more studying and research in an area to be a good leader. Even though it is good to rely on those you lead you don’t want to build a dependence on their knowledge. One way to work with this is to make sure you learn their skills and become competent to do what they do if they aren’t there. Making sure you are apprise of up to date stuff is key to having confidence in leadership.

Patient Leadership Parents often have to have this type of leadership if they want their children to progress and learn from their mistakes. The simple truth is that you need to let your children fail every once and a while and be patient with their mistakes that way they aren’t afraid to keep trying. This can be one of the toughest leadership styles especially for those who master the confident leadership style because sometimes these two leadership styles can actually clash.

Flexible Leadership It takes an adaptable and ready leader to apply this type of leadership. With the hundreds of personalities that you run into it takes a different type of motivation for all of them.

A flexible leader is able to adapt to different personalities and find out what motivates and inspires them. This can really increase team efforts and build coordination. On another note flexible leadership is not only able to adapt to changing individuals but also changing environments and conditions.

Tenacious Leadership There is nothing more inspiring than a leader who is passionate in what he/she does. That is leadership to the core. A passionate, enthusiastic, zealous person will stand out in any crowd and can make a huge difference in a group. Take for example, a coworker is just so enthusiastic about a project that you can’t help but be caught with the enthusiasm just like a disease. There are always those who try and stymie enthusiasm, who are just negative. Don’t let them discourage you as a leader because just like any other leader knows, there is always opposition when you lead the way. It is much like a skier who is going down fresh powder, there will always be more opposition for leader. This is why leadership is not for the faint of heart.

Exemplary Leadership A leader has to be able to put the money where their mouth is. People will always measure your words by your works so this may be the most important style on the list. So the next time you are encouraging Nursing Staff as a manager, leading troops to the battlefield, or just influencing fellow coworkers in meetings remember that leadership is more than just being ahead of the crowd.

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How to motivate those you lead