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How an Emphasis in Programming Helps Your Computer Science Degree? Students learn web programming. The world is going digital. Nearly everything you could buy at a store, you can buy online. For the things you can’t, you can usually find their website to get an address, or make a call. The digital age has advanced to the point that companies can’t afford to not be on the internet. Now there are a lot of programs to help you build a custom website yourself, but if they don’t want to spend the time, or they want custom additions, they will need a programmer that can manipulate the web.

Web programming They will come to you if you know what to do. Web programming classes will take you through the finer points of server components, applications, de-bugging, scripting, security, cross-browser compatibility, etc. This could greatly increase your job prospects in the digital age. It never hurt to be a bit more rounded. Students will also learn database administration. Businesses need to store information. Their needs are specific as well. Security companies will need to keep track of the address, phone number, security codes, emergency contacts, licensing, and contracts of each account. Their needs vary drastically from a grocery store that needs to keep track of products, prices, sales, and who the cashier is. Even grocery stores differ in the way they run things. With so much variability, businesses need a professional that can create, maintain and troubleshoot a database. These skills are taught in the programming emphasis. Further classes teach you how to write software that will completely integrate with the database. All of the database’s information will be available to your software.

Content Management System

A popular modern use of this concept is the creation of a CMS (Content Management System). These programs often connect phone calls to internal messages to emails to client profiles from the database. Instead of having to login to multiple programs, a CMS allows the user to see everything in one place. The programming emphasis teaches you how to do similar work, making you invaluable as not only a web programmer, but also a content management provider. Students also gain an understanding of basic Java. What web developer could live without this? It is still used to a large degree because it helps computers talk to each other across the web. It’s the universal remote of the web. It is a cross platform language that will work on most any system that has it enabled, making it more convenient for businesses to reach a large audience. Finally, students gain real life experience in a capstone class. The student will take on a larger project that will put their programming preparation to the test, while teaching them how to work with clients and superiors. All of their knowledge and skills will be needed, combined with the students’ whit to make a useful product. This is the bridge to integrating college educated programmers into the programming profession. Once they get through this, they’ll be ready to enter the real world. Stevens Henager College offers a degree in computer science with an emphasis in programming to Ogden residents. Classes take students, pursuing the emphasis in programming on Ogden’s campus, through each of these courses, helping them master the principles needed to succeed in the real world. Photo Credit: Kuba Bożanowski, Dunkv

How an Emphasis in Programming Helps Your Computer Science Degree  

Nearly everything you could buy at a store, you can buy online. For the things you can’t, you can usually find their website to get an addre...