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The Booming Field of Nursing Since the earliest days of record there have been individuals who have dedicated their time and their chosen profession towards the caring of the sick and the treatment of the injured. These people have traditionally been revered within every society they developed from because of their ability to mend up the wounded and heal the infirm.

Health Care Education The same is true of the modern world. Those individuals who have dedicated their careers to the healing of others through intense study and hard work are placed on a pedestal by their fellows because of the great service they provide. This is done rightfully so as these individuals within our healthcare community are there for the healing of their peers in their communities. But because of this reverence and admiration for those who have chosen and succeeded in this profession, there has been an associated stereotype that the healthcare field in general and the nursing field in specific is a closed profession. Or in other words, because of the admiration given to nurses through the years and because of the hard work and schooling involved in becoming a nurse, a perception that the nursing field is difficult to get into and is a stagnant profession has been a common side effect that supposed pedestal. While these persons are certainly due the admiration that their peers give them, the misconception of how closed the nursing field is has led to a very real and upcoming problem within the nursing industry. This problem, however, spurs a great opportunity for those who are desirous to become Registered Nurses and can be quickly solved with an informed public.

Need for Nurses This problem being spoken of is the dire need for nurses and the growing expanse of understaffed healthcare institutions across the nation. This void in the number of trained nurses, while a growing problem, clear presents itself as a great opportunity for those who are looking to enter this field as a career. The severe need for trained nurses will continue throughout the next decade. This demand for RNs comes largely from the sheer amount of baby boomers who do need and who will need increased medical attention and care in the immediate future.

Other reasons for this unprecedented demand for trained nurses and trained healthcare professionals include the increasing use of advanced technology within the healthcare industry. The creation of such advanced technologies designed for the betterment of humanity has not limited the number of staff needed to run healthcare institutions; it has, in fact, increased the number of staff required by hospitals and other care facilities. The combination of these two factors, the increasing number of individuals who are in need of healthcare because of the aging baby boomer generation and the need for additionally trained nurses and staff to man the ever building healthcare-related technological systems, has directly led to a booming nursing industry within the United States. This is a wave of industry that many can choose to ride and fulfill their career goals as a Registered Nurse and healthcare professional.

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The Booming Field of Nursing  

Since the earliest days of record there have been individuals who have dedicated their time and their chosen profession towards the caring o...