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How Can Posting Tweets Become a Career? A lot of businesses swear by social networking, more particularly in the power of Twitter. Employees paid a good wage are given the express assignment to post tweets—and possible update the Facebook account. The reason is, Twitter campaigns have been extremely effective for drumming up business for virtually no price. For example, a well-known national hotel chain decided that they were going to have a presence on Twitter. Their niche was going to be searching other people’s tweets for opportunities to help locals out with real questions they tweeted about. They assigned someone in each city to keep an eye on the Twitter feed throughout the day and night.

Examples of Social Media Technology Success When someone asked a question regarding a particular city—like, “I’m here in Baltimore, looking for good places to eat”—a hotel agent would respond with good suggestions, giving that person useful feedback. This technique worked well for drumming up respect for the company. In one instance, a distressed dog owner tweeted that he was on vacation and his dog needed a doctor immediately, only he didn’t know where to go for a good doctor open late. One of the hotel’s employees got this tweet, found a local hospital that was still open and tweeted back to the distressed owner. The quick response gave the dog owner the information he needed to know when he needed it. Now, instead of saying that this particular hotel chain offered him 10% off his room, he is telling his friends how that hotel saved his dog’s life. They built up a new reputation, a family friendly one that will spread from friend to friend, building up word-of-mouth. Not every campaign works like this one does. Fast food restaurants do well by posting pictures of coupons that customers can print out immediately and use that day. Corporations offer timelier customer service by having hundreds of employees answering questions around the clock. Book publishers can ignite conversations about upcoming books by posting questions. This is particularly effective when you are publishing a previously acclaimed author or another segment of a series.

People that fall in love with the author’s style of writing or a particular series will have everything to do with that author in the future. Lovers of Harry Potter will read and talk about J.K. Rowling’s new book just because she did a great job with her 7 book series. Sparking up a conversation on Twitter about that is easy, especially when you solicit giving away a free copy of the book. Even if you simply rebind books, you can find just as good of a niche talking about a well-known author as a publisher could. Twitter has great potential for businesses. That’s why so many of them have created and update twitter accounts.

Learning About Twitter They hire people with a social media background to run their campaigns. You can learn the finer points of using twitter with a Social Media Technology emphasis through online colleges like Stevens Henager. Getting a degree will create opportunities for you to get involved in Twitter marketing. The best thing is, you can start at any time. Even if you are halfway through another career but want to try something else for a while, Stevens Henager offers you the chance to get back into school to pursue another interest. Getting a degree with an emphasis in Social Media Technology is always an option for you, no matter your age.

How Can Posting a Tweet Become a Career