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Getting Back to the Degree and Weight You Left Behind at 25 Did you leave behind your aspirations for a degree in healthcare administration and maintaining your BMI (body mass index) at the age of 25 and want to get back to both? Every year that passes, it gets harder and harder to get back into the school thing, let alone think about what it would take to start exercising again.

Responsibilities of life Every year brings new challenges: new responsibilities. Some years you got a promotion at work, requiring more of you all the time. At home you could become a parent again, meaning many more sleepless nights caring for an infant. Other times you want to be more involved in your community, and you find excuses to be at community meetings late into the nights. And while all of these things are great, at the same time, every year brings another set of miles to your body. The extra miles only make you want to rest. Though your mind is strong, your body feels weak. You’d do anything to get back into the swing of things.

The Simple Things This is where realizing your dreams of getting your degree in healthcare administration and working out come into play. Don’t just put them aside, but embrace them. You haven’t forgotten about them over all these years. What makes you think you shouldn’t still pursue them? Imagine what you could do to better the world with a degree in healthcare administration. Imagine how it would feel again to fit into your old pants again. Both of these goals are still within your grasp. All you need to do is work at them, and they will come. Here are a few tips to helping you get back on track. It will take some self-motivation at first, but you will soon get in the swing of things.

Getting back into the Swing of Things First, you need to start with exercising. Every day you wake up and exercise you invigorate yourself for any challenge. The truly hard part is getting out of bed. The next hardest part is putting on your shoes. Once you’re out of the door though, you are committed. And the energy you gain from your exercise will keep you going through all of your activities, even until the time you finally lay down to sleep at night. Should you not exercise before you begin your day, you will be without a lot of the energy you need to survive. Without a doubt, you will crash quickly and go to bed discouraged, and scared for the future. You need to get into a habit of exercising so you can accept the challenges of your degree in healthcare administration again with confidence. Night classes and homework will be much more doable the more often you spend your mornings exercising. Your life will soon become so busy that time will fly. One day, you’ll find yourself taking your first set of finals and buying new pants because your old ones are now too big for you. These two things must be taken inseparably if you want to get through your challenges. School without exercise will become a discouraging burden, because you are missing the vital energy that comes from daily exercise.

Photo Credit: Alan Cleaver Dave Morrow

Getting Back to the Degree and Weight You Left Behind at 25