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Understanding the Importance of Eating Breakfast in College Successfully getting through the college experience is often about incorporating good habits into your life. The habits that you develop and cultivate will make a big difference when it comes to your ability to succeed.

Diet is a big part of your ability to study Whether these habits relate to note taking, class attendance, or study patterns, they all combine together in order to allow you to have success. Diet is a big part of being able to succeed in the academic world. The diet that you take in actually affects you more than you might think, whether you are in a graphic arts program or an accounting program. Diet affects many factors which are used for college, like energy levels, focus, clarity, and the ability to take in new information. It may not seem like a critically important thing for the dedicated student, but breakfast is actually quite important for academic success. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, contributing the most to energy levels and the alertness of the individual. Many students do not consume a healthy diet when they are in school. Whether they are new students or are retuning later in life, the speed of the days and the pressure involved in college often leads people to consume quick and easy snacks that do not have much nutritional value. In fact, many students even forgo breakfast altogether. Students have a number of reasons for doing so, including lack of appetite, lack of time, and no desire to consume good food.

Eat breakfast every day Put simply, eating breakfast every day is one of the best ways to improve on the college experience. With the benefits derived from a good breakfast, students are more likely to remember the information which they have been taught, as well as enhancing clarity in the classroom.

Along with these benefits breakfast is also essential because it makes people less likely to suffer from sudden energy loss in the afternoon, as well as improving moods. These are all factors that not many people think of when they are attending school, yet they have a pronounced result. Someone who is tired and cranky and has no focus may not be able to do well in college during certain days no matter what their motivation might be. Success in school is measured by a lot of factors, so it is important to attend to as many needs as possible. If you treat your body well, then it will be better able to perform when you need it to. A healthy breakfast goes a long way toward ensuring better scholastic results. It is important to note that this meal should be one which incorporates grains and fruit in addition to cereal and meat consumed. A balanced meal is going to provide the body with the critical nutrients that it needs in order to perform up to standard. It is perhaps a good idea for students to view their bodies as machines which need care and attention in order to perform well. Breakfast in the morning provides the essential fuel in order to have a bright and productive day! Photo credit: Seth Tisue, Theotherway

Understanding the Importance of Eating Breakfast in College