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Why Accounting Is a Useful Degree If you’re planning on attending Stevens-Henager College for any kind of addendum onto a degree you already have, there are many choices available to you. StevensHenager offers degrees in healthcare, business, information technology, and graphic arts. It is important to consider your own personal interests and future career goals when you’re trying to decide what degree you would like to pursue at StevensHenager. If you are looking into a business-related career, then accounting may just be the right path for you.

Accounting Application Accounting has been widely accepted as the field of business that includes the most basic and fundamental information about business concepts in general. Accounting is a useful degree to have because it is a springboard that can help lead you to an almost infinite amount of possibilities for a future career. If you’d like to become a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), then accounting is the right degree for you. If you’d like to start your own business, accounting could be a very useful degree for you. An accounting degree can prepare you to be a partner in an accounting firm, work at the corporate level for a major business like Google or Facebook, or to work in the government. The possibilities are truly endless.

Increasing Demand Another reason why accounting is such a useful degree is because the need for accountants has increased dramatically in the past decade. Because businesses are dealing with many new changes, such as the computer and Internet revolution and the constant restructuring of internal processes, the accounting field has been facing many new changes. You may have previously construed ideas of what accountants do or what they make look like. Images of math nerds with pocket protectors and no social skills may come to mind.

These stereotypes are simply not true. While some accountants may look or act like this, this is not the general appearance and demeanor of accountants. Accounting is also a useful degree because if you want to start your own business for home, the knowledge you’ll learn in accounting can help you do that. This can be an attractive option for women who would like to raise families and be stay-at-home moms.

Starting Your Own Business However, if you would like to start your own business, it’s good to realize the importance of a wellrounded education. If you want to be able to work with people and not just with numbers, than consider accounting as a path of study within a well-rounded liberal arts education. Accountants are no longer in the background of businesses; they are in the front, making the calls and restructuring companies. They work on the front lines of the business, interacting with people and clients from all walks of life. With an accounting degree, you’ll receive the skills you’ll need to think logically and critically about business problems, and be able to come up with applicable solutions. An accounting degree is going to be helpful for whatever you’d like to do within the field of business, whether it is starting your own business or becoming a CPA. An accounting degree can help you achieve your dreams.

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Why Accounting Is a Useful Degree  

Accounting has been widely accepted as the field of business that includes the most basic and fundamental information about business concept...

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