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Why healthcare is the most economically stable career to enter into right now. While thousands of Americans lost their jobs during the recession of 2008, the healthcare industry continued to grow. The healthcare industry remains an anomaly in this sense. Ultimately a change in the economy has had little to no effect on the health industry because people will continue to get sick and need assistance. This sort of industrial stability is attracting many to its ranks.

Advancement in Technology While stability is a major reason for the continued growth even during recessions, innovation and increased technology are both making the health industry much more influential. Health care is able to address the needs of patients with almost every disease imaginable. This sort of flexibility also requires a lot of man-power to take on the responsibilities of the twenty first century. Health care is proving much more viable and all-encompassing because of the knowledgeable staff and increased technology. Another major reason for the healthcare industry’s continued upward movement on the demand curve is the aging demographics of the United States. Because of the uneven distribution of old people there is also an uneven amount of chronic illnesses and health concerns now days. Much of America’s money is going and will continue to go towards the health of our baby boomers. There is an obvious demographic imbalance but this is not stopping the amount of opportunities for those looking to join the health care industry. Beyond this demographic issue, more than ever, Americans are using their health care resources rather than self-diagnosing. This differs tremendously from the old ideology of “rub some dirt in it”, or “here is some liver oil to clear you right up”. The new generation is focused on clear cut answers and we have the information out there to know that we need to get to the source of a problem to get it fixed. Another contributing factor to this “spring of healthcare enthusiasts” is the increased emphasis on health care availability.

The Never Changing Need for Medical Assistance The economic stability of healthcare is such everywhere in America where one can find a hospital or health care facility. The need for healthcare providers continues to grow. Gaining the knowledge and skills to be marketable in the healthcare industry will ensure a competitive advantage over many who are struggling in today’s economy. Not only will there be many options, but they will be widespread, allowing you to ultimately have more of a say in where you chose to live. Individuals will find that even though we are living in the twenty first century, people in hospitals are not being replaced by robots or machines like many other industries. There is still a need to connect and have personable interactions with patients every day. Ultimately there is nothing affecting the continual economic growth of the health industry. It will continue to be in demand as long as there are people. This simple truth has made Healthcare economics one of the few continual upward trends while many other industries go through a roller coaster of ups and downs. While these upward trends indicate industry growth, it is directly proportionate to labor growth as well. If you live in Nampa, Idaho, getting your Health Administration degree can put you ahead of the rat race.

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