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The History of Computer Programming Computer programming is a foreign world to those that have not been trained in the process. There are many people that do not understand what goes into computer programming but still benefit from computer programmers around the world. Every program that you use on your computer has been programmed. This may sound redundant, but if you think about the ability that you have to run multiple programs and do a variety of tasks while you are on the computer, it may seem more significant.

Different Ways to Program With computers being used in a variety of settings and for a variety of purposes, the importance of computer programming is growing. There are a variety of languages that computer programmers can use to program in. When computers were in their infancy, there were programming languages for specific tasks that needed to be completed on the computers. People would use a specific language if they wanted to solve a mathematical equation and another if they were programming for a business. It was not until the 1970’s that people started designing a programming language that could be used in a variety of settings. The early languages that were developed during this time allowed programmers to start to branch out with the programming.

The Developments of the 80’s Once the 80’s rolled around, there were large corporations and businesses that needed a language that could work with mainframes and work stations. These languages needed to be able to work with a large amount of remote data. During the 80’s C+ + and Perl were both developed to fill the needs of large businesses and corporations. As the computer needs of the world continued to change, the programmers languages continued to develop.

Coming into Today’s World After the internet was introduced in the 1990’s a new programming language was needed to ensure that data could be manipulated and easily accessed over the internet. The early languages continued to develop and change and be affected by newer languages that were released. The programs that are used in today’s world are always trying to become smaller and more modular. These programs also have many added mechanisms for security and functionality to ensure that website are safe and that information can be delivered safely. Learning a programming language can be a great way to develop your resume and ensure that you are a more valuable applicant. Programming languages are vast and it is important that you know which language is going to be most effective for the industry that you are interested in. Whether you are interested in starting your own business, working in a corporation, or even working a small business, learning how to program can be extremely beneficial. There are many different ways to acquire this knowledge. Some people choose to get a degree in computer programming, which is a widely recognized manner of getting training. You may decide that it is more effective to train yourself, but if you go this route it is important that you develop a strong portfolio to show to those that you are looking to apply with. Photo Credit: Stian Eikeland, Martin Gommel

The History of Computer Programming