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Returning to Equilibrium: Overcoming Stress Stress can often be indicative of an imbalance of some sort in your body. Not necessarily a mental or physical imbalance that you would need to see a psychologist for. Instead, it is egged on with a little help from a parched throat, hungry stomach or oxygen deprived blood stream. The first thing you should look at when you’re stressed is what you’re doing differently.

Figuring out What the Problem is Check your senses to see what’s wrong. Is your stomach rumbling? Many people get extremely grumpy when they’re hungry. After a while, everything that’s keeping you from eating is a hindrance to be hated and an annoyance to fume over. Eating instantly settles this kind of anxiety. Take a break and go eat something, even if the deadline is fast approaching. You will be 100 times more productive if you eat and come back than if you stayed and forced your way through it. Trying to force your way through will only make the stress harder to bear. Eat to restore that equilibrium. Is your throat dry? Too many people are dehydrated these days and they don’t even know it. It doesn’t help stress either. Your body uses water like a car uses radiator fluid, to cool down. When you’re stressed, your heart starts pounding; your leg starts jiggling and every nerve in your body coils to spring at any moment. That’s why people are so hot headed when anxious. Their body is doing a lot, but is lacking needed supplies to cool down. This dehydration can be the thing that starts the stress in the first place. Take care of dehydration if you notice yourself warm and your throat dry. Even if you’re not dehydrated, drinking colder water is cooling and soothing. Do it anyway to rest your mind.

Too Much Pressure Is your time passing away quickly and nothings getting done? Some days you run into a discouraging imbalance of work accomplished and your goals. You know you’re better than what you are putting out, but your mind just isn’t concentrating right. You set goals that are more than reachable, but you just can’t seem to get the work done.

Nothing you do is good enough and you criticize every effort. The end of the week is coming quickly and you just wish you could finish it all before you clock out. This is putting you out of balance in two ways. For one, the mind is headed in a downward spiral. You’re kicking yourself for your poor performance and refuse to get over that idea. For another, you’re putting too much pressure on yourself. The more you think about it, the less you think about work. Find some music to distract you while you work. Classical music is amazing for helping you refocus your attention and concentrate like you’re accustomed to. Take deep breaths and distract yourself for 5 minutes at the minimum. A breath of fresh air and thinking about something else for a while will go a long way in overcoming your anxiety. Stevens Henager College reaches out to help their students overcome the paralyzing effects of stress. Many of their students studying computer programming in St. George, UT deal with the same stress as a doctor preparing for surgery. Computer programming for St. George students can difficult to accomplish in a short amount of time without the proper stress relieving techniques.

Returning to Equilibrium - Overcoming Stress  

Stress can be quite the annoyance to your body it can cause things to not function the way they should which can be very bad. This article i...

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