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Pros and Cons of a Web Design Career Many of you are going to wonder if finding a career in web design is best suited for you, allowing you the job opportunities you want. Well whether you are graduated in web design or merely have interest in it, here are a few things to know about the career itself. One thing to consider is where you are studying. For instance, obtaining a web design degree in Salt Lake City is affordable, but extremely over crowded. This is an area where there are many students graduating each year. On the pro side of the argument, there are several students who return to their home state, or travel for new opportunities.

The Cons Visiting the cons of this argument, we will outline pitfalls and hardships you will face in your career. Finding an agency looking for your particular skill sets are difficult in many ways. The firms are looking to hire only the best, while it requires a lot of upkeep for your skills. Taking a break in your career is almost not an option.     

Requires entry level jobs for many years Job requires long hours until you are a higher up Positions within marketing departments or firms are extremely competitive Software is expensive to purchase if venturing out on your own Careers can be instable when downsizing occurs

The Pros Now, if you are suddenly considering changing your career path wait and review the many good things about a career in website designing.

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 Networking will provide you freelancing jobs  Creating something every day  This job market continues to grow

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Average pay is considerably higher than many careers, with raises for experts in their field Express your creativity and enjoy your jobs Flexibility to work in digital or print media Continual client base, as all companies need marketing Ability to work from home or via satellite

How to Land the Job If you have worked through your education and are coming up on graduation, enter the work force with confidence. You are now equipped with skills and knowledge, after years of courses and training. Universities will offer you opportunities to take part in Ad Labs, working with actual clients. All of these things will combine to work inside of your portfolio, making you valuable. If you have not already done so, create a stunning portfolio. This will help you present your skills; because your ability to use design software is not something that can be effectively communicated on a resume. With things becoming so competitive, many are building their own website. You can display your ability to wireframe, design, and program a website. This will be sure to showcase your skills and help you find a quality job. Next, start working at getting your name out there. Apply, apply, and apply. Finding companies you want to work for and sending out your resume with a professional cover letter. Have peers or friends review your work and start sending it out. Now shape up and be ready for your interview. Know that for many of these jobs, you do have to enter at the bottom of the wrung, so expect long hours at first and a lower pay than you will accomplish later. Be bright, sharp, and early to your interviews. You are going to land the job, just know what to expect. Photo credit: stephenliveshere, kylesteeddesign, webtreatsetc

Pros and cons of a web design career  

Many of you are going to wonder if finding a career in web design is best suited for you, allowing you the job opportunities you want. Well...