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Picking a Major that's Right for you The toughest decision you will make in college, aside from choosing what school you will go to, is choosing your major. Do you want to get a computer science degree or do you want an accounting degree or do you wish to major is something else? While it is ideal to know what major you wish to study when you enroll as a freshman, it is normal for individuals to switch their majors at least once during their college career. All of us grow up as we attend university, and at one point or another we reevaluate the reason for why we chose our major.

Choosing Something You Like Doing First off, you need to major in something that you love. A hearty love, not just a romantic fancy, but an old-married couple type of love. Pick a major that you can devote your life. Pick a passion that will not die through professional practice. Sometimes our hobbies should not be our professions, but other times our hobbies are our true loves and should be our careers. Learning the difference between those two types of hobbies can make all the difference when picking a major and later a career field. When deciding your major, also consider the life and luxuries you wish to have after college. If you want to make a lot of money and are fine with long hours, a business administration degree may be a great fit. Or if you want to earn the majority of your money of a couple months and want have the rest of the year to relax an accounting degree may be just right. Also when considering a major it is not just enough love what you do, and want to have a big paycheck, your major should match your strengths. If you are good at math and music, surprisingly enough you may also be good a computers. So it would be logical to take a few classes in computer programing or computer science to test your aptitude in those fields.

Making Use of Your Strengths If you don’t know what your strengths or true passions are ask your friends, family and classmates about yourself. Ask them what they think you are good at or what they admire about you. As you talk to them write down the qualities and skills they describe. Then reflect on the times you used these skills in the past and how using those skills made you feel. After asking enough questions and recalling enough memories you will have a better

understanding of what major will fit you best. Additionally, when considering a major don’t let others prejudices regarding the practicality of your major detour you from follow your passion and your strengths. We cannot all be math genius or computer superheroes, but we all have strengths that can strengthen the world. So when it comes to picking a major be honest with yourself about your strengths, your passions and your life goals. Don’t succumb to pressure regarding which degree is more practical or worth it. If you are good with numbers or want to open a small business feel free to pursue that accounting or business management degree. Photo Credit: african_fi , alaneno

Picking a major that's right for you  

Picking a major can be as difficult if not more so than choosing which school to attend. It can be hard to decide what you want to do with y...

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