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Networking like a Professional If you are currently trying to get yourself out there so you can get your foot in the door with businesses, you probably know that you need to learn how to network. Networking is basically just like making business friends who are going to help you out down the road.

What is Networking? Networking can be scary for many people. People view it as superficial small talk, or as sucking up to someone. But networking is so much more than that. Networking is talking to people and letting them know who you are. Networking is letting people see your good qualities, and letting them know that you’re available. Networking is presenting your best self so that others can see you for who you really are. One of the best ways to get in the correct mindset about networking is to realize that networking should be treated like a game. See how many people you can contact in a day. Another key to networking, however, is to make sure that your interactions are genuine. If your interactions are not genuine, it will be very obvious to whomever you are talking to. And if you have an interaction that is not genuine, it really will not serve you in the long run. That person will most likely not be able to help you when you need help. You should also try not to view networking as a task to be completed or checked off your to-do list. View networking as a way to make new friends and building relationships.

Building a Relationship As you nurture these relationships you have made, you will see the reward come back to you. If you need to contact someone you networked with previously for a job or a referral, they will most likely be willing to help you if they had a positive experience with you. On the other hand, this person may need help from you at some point. That is one of the keys of networking; it is a give and take. If you put in effort on your side of the deal, there will probably be someone on the other end who will be willing to help you. That is why networking can be so beneficial.

Another key to networking is communication. You can communicate with who you’re trying to network with in so many different ways. You can call them on the phone, email them, send them a letter, add them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram; the possibilities are truly endless. There are so many ways with our modern technology that you can reach out to someone and get to know them better. There are so many opportunities for you to present your skills in different lights and venues so that future employers or whomever may see your skills and want to talk to you more. Just know what you want to do, and then begin networking. Knowing what you want to do is important because if you don’t know what you want to do, you might get sucked into doing something you don’t really want to do. Start networking now, and reap the benefits later. Photo Credit: gerard79 , duchesssa

Networking like a professional  

Networking can be a scary thing for a lot of people. However it can be extremely rewarding if you do it correctly. You might even make some...