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Why Networking Matters You may have heard the adage that it’s not about what you know but who you know, at least a hundred times or more. No matter how many times you have heard it making meaningful contacts is still as powerful now as it was a century ago. Here are some reasons why Networking matters.

Academia If you are looking to get ahead in your academic career, you need to have all of the connections you can possible get out there. Making friends with professors and deans is a worthwhile investment of your time and can take you further than anything else when it comes down to it. Networking can give you the resources to help you with your studies as well. For instance, many people find the challenge of doing research and looking for resources in the academic world. This is a great time to glean from all of the experts in your field of study. If you have made the right contacts, then you will be able to make a much greater impact with your research.

Jobs When it comes to getting a job, you really need someone to vouch for you. You also need ideas. You can get both when you effectively network with the right people. When you show that you are an impressive individual with the right priorities, they will often be more than willing to get you out there into the workforce. If you are really impressive, you will find that people come to you just to tell you about job opportunities that could be of interest to you. Really what you are aiming for is a cheer squad, a team that is on your side, and a group that is invested in you as much as you are in yourself.

Leadership Your reach is only as far as your relationships and connections extend. If you lack those connections and friends, then you will find that you are lacking in the ability to really lead and influence, even on a communal level. This becomes very important when you are trying to promote your business, run for a political office, or promote some program in the community. Make sure that you are one of the most involved members in the community because people will be more likely to be involved in your life because they will see that you are proactive.

Strengthen relationships Relationships are important for any human being. If you aren’t staying connected, then you aren’t maintaining those relationships. It takes persistence and a sense of commitment to really stay on top of your family and friends. They can bring you the greatest commodity that you are looking for; love. Make

sure you are just as ready to love back. Family and friends are your support system that will be there even when all else fails and the truth is, you get out what you put in. When it comes to networking you better have your ducks in a row because it can reach your family life, your career, your academic endeavors, and your overall influence on society.