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Learning the Top Tips for Microsoft Office If you are currently using Microsoft Office, you should feel lucky. Many people throughout the world do not have access to Microsoft Office. Many people are actually using an outdated version of Microsoft Office. This is truly unfortunate because the newest versions of Microsoft Office are faster and much easier to use. One of the most overlooked features of Microsoft Office is the clipboard feature. The older versions of Office only let you hold one item under the clipboard at a time.

Clipboard But with newer versions of Office, you can put about 24 items under the clipboard. This makes organizing and prioritizing your work much, much easier. You can even install certain clipboard extender apps that will allow you to store even more items under your clipboard. These apps have been highly reviewed by Microsoft Office users everywhere. All you have to do to access the clipboard is go to the Home tab and find the Clipboard panel on the far left and click on the dialog launcher. The Office Clipboard panel will then open and then anything you save in the Clipboard will get saved in the pane. Many people do not take the time to read about Microsoft Office before they install it on their computer. They are too eager to get started working on their computer that they neglect to learn about some of the special features that are included with Office. People can sometimes waste a lot of money on a machine that they are not using to its full capacity. This is truly a shame, because there are people in the world who would love to have a nice machine like that, but they cannot afford it. These people would put the machine to much better use than the people who do not know what they are doing on their machine. Another commonly overlooked feature that Office includes is a feature that helps you pull up recently used files.

Recently Used Document In older versions of Microsoft Office, you would be able to access recently used files by typing in Alt-F1, and then typing the number of the document you would like to pull up. This feature is not included on newer versions of Office, but there is still an efficient way to access recently used documents.

All you have to do is enter Backstage View, select Recent, and then add a checkbox next to “Quickly access this number of recent documents.� You then will enter in the number of recent documents you would like to be able to access. This is a very helpful tool for people who work in offices, because there are often documents that they pull up often and it is very handy to have quick access to these documents. There are many Microsoft courses in Kuwait that you can take that will help you have to learn how to use Microsoft Office. These Microsoft courses in Kuwait will help you to learn keystrokes and shortcuts that will help you save time and work and help prevent you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome by using your computer mouse so much. Photo Credit: jayofboy , hoboton

Learning the top tips for microsoft word  
Learning the top tips for microsoft word  

learn about clipboard and some other useful shortcuts that will enable you to use microsoft word much more efficiently