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Left Brains Learning the Eye of Web Design Some people just have an eye for design. They don’t learn the skill in a book. They never take formal training, and yet they create visual masterpieces that are both beautiful and functional. They are in tune with the artistic side of their brain. It dictates creativity to them. These people have the eye of web design. They are right brained, and they are the best at what they do. Many of the left brained thinkers see the competition of their right brained counterparts and leave all the creative endeavors to them, giving up on the industry before they even get a chance to enter it.

The Right Brain View They think themselves a handicap of creativity, unable to learn web design well enough to compete in the business world. Why would anyone want their limited skill set when the true artists out there could do it better in their sleep? After all, this artistic eye is genetically encoded into a person right? A left brained person can’t learn web design well enough to see through those eyes themselves. Or, at least that’s what a lot of them think. The reality of the situation is that they can learn to see, and they can sometimes do it a lot better than those with the talent. The reason that they can do it just as well, if not better than those born with artistic sight, is because they know why web design works. Their left brained mentality screams to know the right way to do something. They have to know why every element is placed on a page. There’s a rule for every shape, picture, image, or text placed on a webpage. A long, thin navigation bar across the top of the page will always make your site easier to move thorugh. Choosing colors from a kuler will ensure your color scheme is pleasant to visitors. Correct word choice will help people navigate your site easier. When they learn the why of a specific element, they can use it to help create amazingly functional and beautiful designs.

What Separates Right from Left Once a right brained thinker learns web design through and through, they can create something beautiful with a purpose. That’s what sets them apart. Artistic right brains do things because they are aesthetically pleasing. They don’t always know why they do what they do, they just do it. In a world where knowledge is power, having a reason behind everything you do will make the artistic process of creating a website faster and more trustworthy. Artists that can explain why everything appears on a website make clients happy. Artistic eyes are great gifts to be born with. Most of the time, they will be the major innovators that will create beautiful web pages that shape the future of web design. That doesn’t mean there’s not a market out there for those that can imitate those designs well because they know why those designs work. In fact, clients will queue up at your door to get imitation sites themselves, and left brained designers can give that to them. So although you may not be born with it, you can certainly learn web design well enough to make a good career out of it. You will do well once you understand why the things in web design work so well.

Learning the Eye of Web Design