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Why Preschool? Whether you are living on Long Island or some small town in Utah, preschool is becoming more and more popular. Does it really make a difference though? Why are people raving about it? It is not news that during a child’s early years are when they are most influenced and capable of learning quickly. If you think about it between the ages of two and five children are learning how to talk, walk, notice colors, smell, and notice the world around them. Can we overstimulate them with preschool, though?

Benefits of Preschool Many Authorities agree that preschool will do just the opposite by offering things in a more organized and less stressful way. These kids are all curious and want to learn but there are some less effective ways that many of them end up learning because they don’t go to preschool. One thing that is often dismissed as not important is social intelligence. This is developed early on in children as they interact with others around them. This can be another good reason for children to go to preschool. Not only do they learn how to interact with other children, but how to do so in a structured environment. This is a recipe for success in the future. Another key element to preschool is empowerment. Teachers want students to learn to make decisions on their own and not just make any decisions but rational ones. Whether it is while sitting at the table choosing snacks with other students or just sharing toys, there are many decisions that they have to make and they have to learn to work in a group setting. Preschool is not the same as a regular learning institution where children learn to read, write and do math. Young children are not usually ready for this type of formal education. Their curiosity often gets the best of them and their attention span is quite limited. This means that preschool is often a changing environment that allows stimulation of many different senses during the day. Another key element to preschool is the emphasis on curiosity. Preschool is meant to build an already curious creature into one that is always seeking learning. They do this by doing experiments and by asking questions that stimulate thinking. Teaching small children to problem solve helps them realize that curiosity can lead to successful conclusions that bring results.

Children may come to parents with these questions, but many parents are so used to working with other adults that they fail to realize the potential in their children or they address them as they would an adult. Preschools often are accredited and have teachers who are trained in child development. They understand the rate at which a child should learn. They understand the phases that children go through and how to react positively to them. When children move from preschool to kindergarten they are much more ready to take on the institutional aspects of school. They have learned to be away from home for a while and this helps them in the learning. Long Island, Utah, Florida, or Texas, it really doesn’t matter preschools are everywhere you look now days. Photo Credit:,

Why Preschool?  

Whether you are living on Long Island or some small town in Utah, preschool is becoming more and more popular. Does it really make a differ...