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How to Stay Creative as You Get Older As everything around is becoming institutionalized and more organized it is easy for us to give in to the onslaught of conformity but there are some ways to keep your cool and stay creative. Getting a degree in creative design will help you reach deep and use your more creative side. It is really important to do what you want. This is probably the best advice to take especially as we are more and more force fed what society wants and what others want. This really kills creativity and holds back original thinking in a way that is sometimes subtle but we can definitely counteract it with some simple remedys.

Passion and Dedication First— Find out what you are passionate about and write about it. Get those crazy passions down on paper so you don’t forget about them. Second— Don’t let people tell you that what you are doing is crazy or that you cant do it. They say that because they are scared of creativity and it is something they would never do. If everyone got scared out of doing what others were scared of there would be little to no innovation in the world today. Third— Get out there and meet new people who you wouldn’t normally hang out with. New people bring new ideas and there is a lot to be said about how much influence the people we associate with have on us. Fourth— Traveling can be an amazing way of keeping up that creative genious in all of us. It is sometimes takes us out of our comfort zone but it really gives us new perspective and ideas. Fifth— Music and art are where we can find inspiration if everything else fails. This is where we can learn from the masters, sometimes for free.

Reconnect with Your Inner Child Sixth— Try being a kid for a while just to reconnect with the old you who wasn’t afraid to dream. Allow yourself to be curious. Sometimes we fall into the trap of just getting used to everything around us without asking any questions. Adults differ from children in this respect. Seventh— Remember your dream. That’s right, those crazy ones you have been having sometimes are your creative side just coming out.

This can spruce up your creative lifestyle. One way to remember these dreams is by writing them down before you forget. Eighth— Take a break from the mainstream so you can be with yourself and your thoughts for a while. The rush and the grind really can affect your ability to hold on to your creativity. Ninth— Writing is a good way to get feelings out and also ideas that are “out there”. It may be tough to get in the habit but it will get easier with time. Tenth— Make learning new things a habit. There is a creative world out there and it is good to be involved with it and knowing going on around you. Overall gaining an education in creative design can help you tap into some of these resources like never before!

How to stay creative as you get older