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How to Pass Your Online Class If you’ve never taken an online class before, realize that this type of class is a whole new animal. Sure there are assignments, textbooks, quizzes, and tests, but online classes introduce a whole new culture of learning. If you are not self-motivated, organized, and goal-oriented, online classes could be very difficult for you. But it can be done by all! Here are a few helpful tips and guidelines to help you make it through a successful online course.

Prepare in Advance Before your class even starts, make sure you have all the required materials and that you are familiar with the course website. If you have the syllabus before the first day of class, carefully go through it and know what will be expected so you can hit the ground running. Many people find it helpful to have a scheduler, notebooks, highlighters, binders, and other materials that are common in traditional classes. You will, after all, be working with textbooks, taking notes, and preparing assignments and papers.

Know All Due Dates From day one, make sure you know when all your assignments, quizzes, and tests are due. Have a schedule written down that will ensure you don’t forget assignments or leave them to the last minute. If you are determined to do well, plan time each day to work on your online class. Once it becomes a solid part of your daily routine, the weight of your class hanging over your head will all but disappear.

Attitude The main reason people fail online courses is because they approached it with the wrong attitude. A lot of students sign up for online classes thinking that they will be a walk in the park. While this is true on occasion, it is not the rule. Colleges that are offered completely online especially will offer more difficult (AKA quality) courses that actually require work and learning. That is, after all, the point of gaining an education! Right? The quality of your education will be determined by how seriously you take learning. You are paying good money for your online classes – don’t let that investment go to waste!

Participate Many online classes can be very interactive. Professors might hold online discussions, Google hangouts, or chats. Get involved. Your professor is there to help you learn. Take advantage of that. Professors appreciate students that get involved, and who knows - you may end up with a little extra credit or bonus hints for the upcoming quiz or test!

Be Responsible More than anything - be responsible. All of the above mentioned tips are simply offshoots of this last principle. If you are responsible, you will know when assignments are due. You will keep on top of your work and turn things in on time. You will have studied and prepared well for tests and quizzes. You will succeed! It doesn’t matter if you are taking Business Administration, Accounting, or New Media Marketing. No matter what subject or level of difficulty your class is, you can pass with flying colors! Photo Credit: typofi,


How to pass your online class  

Online classes are a bit different than traditional classes. So the way to succeed in them is also a little different.

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