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How to Choose a Good Professor In college there are dozens of classes that you will end up taking. Some of them are required and some of them you will choose yourself. However, whatever the class you generally have the option between a number of professors. There are those of you won’t have this luxury because you are only available for your classes during certain periods of the day, but for many of you this decision can make or break the semester. Something I have learned is that the material, the classroom, the expectations, the grading, the whole experience really is greatly affected by your professor. Make sure that you choose correctly, but don’t worry I won’t leave alone in the decision. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing.

1. What is Your Objective? Why are you taking the class and what do you want to get out of it? Some students go looking for easy professors for an easy A. Some students will want a great professor that is entertaining in class while others are simply looking for an expert in the field regardless of entertainment value. You need to figure out what you want out of the class. You may say that you want the most out of every class you have but to be honest you simply do not have the time or ability to do that. You need to weigh your priorities and pick which classes you really want to invest in, which classes you can use to boost your GPA, and which classes will be fun so you don’t develop depression while at school. Choose your objective! 2. Ask Your Peers This is going to be the next top for you. Go through what your options with your friends whom you know well and trust, specifically ones that have already taken the professor. Understanding the type of individual you are talking to helps immensely when they give advice. You can also go to past professors, mentors, or your advisor. These resources are close at hand and usually the most reliable. 3. Ask the Internet There are numerous rating websites out on the web but this is definitely the second option. The reason why is you don’t know any of these people giving the ratings. Did person x rate professor y really low because there

was a personal dislike. What about student A rating Professor B really highly because the class was easy; even if the student did not learn anything! These resources do exist but make sure you understand their downsides. If you are interested, three big ones are:

4. Try the Waters Many colleges and universities have an add/drop deadline that is usually two weeks into the school semester. This is your juggling time. Go to lectures of the classes you are signed up for. If you are satisfied then buckle down for the rest of the semester. If the professor is not what you are looking for visit some other classes, find one and add yourself to the waitlist and then talk to the professor about adding the class. I have had friends wait on software to add them to the class, but if you talk to your professor he or she will often give you the code to add that instant. 5. Enjoy the Journey Whether you are in a Provo college, an Ivy League school, or online it is time to get set for the ride. If you found the professor of your dreams or one less so make sure to just relax and enjoy the experience. You may be surprised at the end of the semester which professors turned out to be your favorites, best of luck! Photo Credit: otzberg, martin, See-ming lee

How to choose a good professor  
How to choose a good professor  

In college there are dozens of classes that you will end up taking. Some of them are required and some of them you will choose yourself. H...