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How Much Is Car Insurance Affected From Driving Infractions? Driving infractions affect how much you pay each month to your insurance company. Car accidents affect your insurance premiums when you are at fault.

Driving History Each insurance company adjusts its rates accordingly, but you can expect an increase in your monthly premiums. The same holds true for many traffic violations. A ticket from a police officer will increase your premiums. Before you are accepted, Insurance companies examine your driving history to understand what kind of driver you are. They need to find out what kind of driver you are so they can determine your risk factor (how likely you are to get into an accident or file a claim). Drivers prone to receiving traffic tickets are obviously not following the letter of the law. These drivers are a threat to the people around them and more likely to be a part of an accident than others. When an insurance company takes a risk on someone they don’t know, a driving history is often the only indication they can rely on. Infractions are reported to your company to let them know how you continue to operate while covered. Changes in your reliability affect your premiums for a while.

Which Infractions Cost More? recently studied over 490,000 quotes given by fourteen carriers from 2009 to 2011. The following is a list of fourteen of the most common driving infractions and how they affect your car insurance. At the number one spot stands reckless driving. Reckless driving will get you a twenty-two percent increase. Driving under the influence will give you nineteen percent. Getting behind the wheel without a

license or permit constitutes eighteen percent, considering it a form of reckless driving. Carelessness is honored with sixteen percent. A speeding ticket of 30 mph over the limit gets fifteen. Failing to stop merits fifteen as well. Both improper turning and improper passing violations earn fourteen percent and tailgating comes up right behind with thirteen. A speeding ticket of fifteen to twenty-nine mph increases by twelve percent. Speeding a single miles to fourteen mph over the limit gets you eleven. A driver failing to yield shows up at nine percent. When you’re caught driving without insurance, you land a six percent reward. Seat-belt infractions earn you three. Each of these percentages was averaged out to give you an idea of what you can expect from your insurance agency. States will sometimes give you one or two chances to go to driving school for certain infractions instead of receive a mark on your permanent record. After those one or two tries, infractions begin to go straight to the record, and rates will increase. Every company differs, but the principle still stays the same. Generally, when you get in a wreck, your insurance rates go up for a time. When you get a ticket, your insurance rates increase. Insurance companies are run this way to ensure that they can continue functioning. Just Insure It offers affordable car insurance in Weston. Car insurance in Weston and beyond follows the same general standard nationwide. Driving infractions are a serious indication of reckless driving. Reckless driving increases the likelihood of accidents. Photo Credit: Chris Yarzab, kippbakr, Tax Credits

How Much is Car Insurance Affected From Driving Infractions  
How Much is Car Insurance Affected From Driving Infractions  

The state of your driving record can have a huge effect on your insurance premiums. Learn which types of infractions are costing you a bundl...