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How Ergonomics Can Help Students As technology improves, engineers have been focusing less on “how can we make this work at all?” and more on “how can we make this better for our clients?” Instead of just creating a chair to rest on, they began creating chairs with cushions and comfortable back support on them, so you can comfortably stay a while. Instead of creating a keyboard that simply has buttons to display letters on the screen, engineers looked at the natural position of the hands to create a keyboard layout that better complemented the natural position of the hands, reducing problems in the wrist. Engineers create products, scientists discover problems, and then engineers redesign them to be better. It’s the natural process of technology. It’s the only way to truly improve upon a product so it can best help the clients. This means good news for students attending colleges in St. George. Technology has definitely improved to the point to help improve your personal health when you spend long hours in front of a computer screen finishing your homework.

Ergonomics The simple answer is ergonomics. At a broad level, ergonomics has to do with increasing everyone’s efficiency in the work environment. It’s getting efficiency down to an art, which can include anything from cleaning off a desk to increase mental capacity, all the way to avoiding common health problems that come from sitting at a desk for long periods of time. It’s this latter end that will help students of St. George Colleges. The first up for examination is the chair you sit in. Does it support your back? Does it feel natural to have good posture in? Does it hurt after long periods of time?

Just any old chair simply won’t do, because they don’t cover these points. Sitting causes your body to put pressure in different places. Ergonomic chairs are built to cushion those pressured areas to relieve the stress it puts on your body (which could otherwise lead to a number of complications in the future: all of which involve pain/discomfort). Purchasing one for your home office will do wonders for your body while you study. Pain often becomes infrequent and you can usually sit comfortably for longer periods of time, allowing you to really get your work done. Consider using ergonomic chairs for your future assignments while you take classes at one of the colleges in St. George.

Your Keyboard Second is the ergonomic keyboard. Standard keyboards are blocky and straight. If you want to put your fingers on the right keys you actually have to turn your wrists in to make it happen. This puts your hands at unnatural angles for long periods of time while placing pressure on your tendons and muscles. This often leads to carpal tunnel and tendonitis. Ergonomic keyboards are built to allow your hands to stay parallel with your wrists, without turning excessively out or in. Once you get used to the keyboard, it can make all pain, numbness, or potential injury go away. With the proper ergonomic equipment in your office, you can improve your efficiency while you work on homework. Consider how you can improve the ergonomic situation of your office and begin enjoying the benefits of a more comfortable work environment. Photo Credit: Owen Blacker, Joey Parsons, Werner Kunz

How ergonomics can help students  

As technology improves, engineers have been focusing less on “how can we make this work at all?” and more on “how can we make this better fo...

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