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Getting the Most out of Your Human Resources Degree When you are pursuing a human resources degree, it is important that you know how to develop some human resources experience. By developing experience in human resources, you can be sure that you are able to utilize your human resources degree and work within the field.

Internships First, you should be sure that you are looking for an internship in an HR department while you are in school. If you do not know where to start looking, talk with your human resources professors and ask them if they know of anyone that is hiring an intern. While you are looking through your options, it is important that you find something that is going to give you legitimate experience. The experience that you have may be the deciding factor when you start applying for jobs after you have finished your education. While you are looking for an internship, you may find an HR firm that is looking for someone to do their administrative work for them. Administrative work is done in high frequency throughout an HR department and this may be a great place for you to start. Not only are you going to be able to make yourself more attractive to potential employees once you are done with your degree, but you will also be getting experience that is beneficial for you. You may have a better understanding of what you want your career to entail by interning.

Networking Second, if you are working while you are in school you may want to ask about getting some experience within your current HR department. You may find that your current HR department has some work that you can do on the side to help you gain experience. Third, when you have graduated it will be very important that you establish strong networking connections. Getting to know people in the field of human resources and networking effectively with them may help you land your first job and continue landing jobs throughout your career. There are a wide variety of HR organizations throughout the United States and throughout the world. These organizations may be the best way for you to get to know people within your field and network successfully with people that are interested in HR.

Fourth, don’t be afraid to look to get certified in every way that you can within the field of HR. By taking time to get certifications throughout your career will provide you with job security and may even make you more valuable to the company that you are working with. When you are working full time with a company you may want to ask them if they will pay for your certification. If they will pay for your certification, you should take full advantage of this opportunity while you are working. Getting a career in human resources can be a great way to utilize your human resources degree. Don’t be afraid to get out there, get to know people, and help yourself find the job that is going to be the best for your particular circumstance. Photo Credit: tome213, lockstockb

Getting the most out of your human resources degree  

Tips for how to obtain your human resources degree and a job shortly thereafter.

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