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Getting a Degree in St. George When you decide that you want to go to college in St. George, to get a degree, it can be overwhelming to start looking through the wide variety of degrees available. If you are interested in a health science degree in St. George, it is important that you do some research. You should understand what you are going to do with your health science degree in St. George so you can be sure that you are prepared for the career that you are interested in. Understanding the variety of careers available can help you when you graduate.

Different Degrees of Healthcare Administration First, you can start applying for jobs within the administration side of the health sciences. As an administrator you would be responsible for planning, organizing, and coordinating health care to the patients that are visiting your health care facility. It is important that you are able to stay organized and that you are an efficient planner. More than likely, if you are working at a large facility, there will be three different levels of healthcare administration with in the facility. The executive level, or the highest level, is going to in charge of the policymaking, negotiations and even planning the response to federal regulations and standards. An executive level position will also require the most education out of all of the levels. The assistant administrators will work with the budget, the staff and even with the labor relations within the facility. There will also be specialty administrators that will work with just one aspect of the functionality of the facility. It’s important that you know what level you are qualified for in a specific facility and that you apply to the proper position. If the job description states that you need a specific level of education, you will want to get a healthcare science degree that matches that requirement.

Health Unit Coordinator If working in administration is not a good fit for you, you may want to look into being a health unit coordinator. This job is often required in any facility that requires nurses and a nursing station. As a health coordinator, you would be responsible for the non-nursing functions throughout the different nursing stations. You will have to have a basic knowledge of medical terminology, pharmacology terminology, nursing procedures and diagnostic procedures.

A healthcare coordinator position will often require a certificate in health care administration or in a health science. Take time to talk with the hiring company to figure out if your education is a good fit for the job that you are interested in. Deciding to go back to school and get your health science degree can be scary, but knowing that there are a variety of jobs available for you when you graduate may help diminish the fear. Don’t be afraid to take time to do research for yourself before you enroll in your classes. Getting a degree is a great way to be able to progress in your career. Take the time that you need to investigate all of your options before choosing your degree and you will be glad that you did! Photo Credit: tome213, cfi01

Getting a degree in st george  

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