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Entrepreneur Bio: Sam Walton If you have managed to make it any amount in your life without having been in a Walmart store, odds are, you were literally born yesterday. Walmart is one of the most easily recognizable stores not only in America, but in the world. Walmart’s success is completely indisputable, and it is amazing that a company started more than fifty years ago is still flourishing at such a high level around the world and at home. Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart created a business model that combined hard work with a little bit of wackiness and a lot of innovation to insure that his company was one of the most successful of its time, and in fact, remains successful twenty years after his death. And beyond his monetary success (and maybe the biggest contributor to this success) was his “ahead of his time” efficiency that he introduced to retail and that still drives his sores, and many others, to this very day.

Wal-Mart and Other Investments The main goal of Walmart was to sell their products at the lowest price they could possibly manage, and overall, they were very successful in this venture. Walton maintained low prices by completely removing middle men from the equation, and negotiating directly with manufacturers. This decision was able to bring prices down to amazingly low areas, and increase the number of consumers who visited his stores. He also invested in technology that allowed him to track what products were purchased most frequently by customers, so he was able to maintain his business model by investing specifically in the most popular products. This prevented him from wasting any undue money or product on things people simply weren’t buying. His influence, through partnerships with manufacturers, allowed him to not only increase the efficiency of those manufacturers, but also virtually decide on the prices for products he purchased himself. His overwhelming power made him a business leader, and allowed him to be as successful as he was both in life, and in the legacy of his company.

Role of Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs play a hugely significant role in the American economy, and by taking advantage of the educational opportunities available, such as degrees in Business Administration Accounting, Business Management and Accounting; and Property Management, you can increase your potential for success and your knowledge base.

If you hope to pursue a career in entrepreneurship, an education can only help you on your way, and as you study for degrees in Networking, Forensic Accounting, Retail Sales Management, or even Event Planning, you will be able to step into the world of business with an educational advantage that you could get in no other way. The benefits of education are truly immeasurable. As you begin to attend college in pursuit of a Human Resources, New Media Marketing, or Business Administration Degree, remember the amazing opportunities with which your education can provide you. As you strive to better your social and economic status, remember that education is a key to the success of any individual, and that it may mean the difference between your huge success and failure as a business owner.

Entrepreneur bio sam walton  
Entrepreneur bio sam walton