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Entrepreneur Bio: John Mackey Just about everyone has heard of Whole Foods; the foodie revolution has led to hundreds, thousands, and millions of customers changing their diets to include more organic foods, and less harmful pesticides and other chemical. As organic foods have become more and more common in the world, it is not surprising that a store like Whole Foods would be so successful. But, 30 years ago, that would have been almost unbelievable. When John Mackey, one of the founders of Whole Foods, and its current CEO, started his company in an old house in Austin, he did not expect for it become anything larger than merely a place for a few people to buy quality food, but as time continued, his success became more and more apparent.

Whole Foods Market Now, Whole Foods has over 300 locations and employs more than 56,00 people to run those locations. It has come a long way from its days as a home front company, and the development of this kind of organic based supermarket has changed the way supermarkets work in general, and the way people view food. What makes this story even more amazing is that John Mackey, when he started his company was a college dropout with only 25 years on this earth to back up his plan. But, his commitment to producing and selling high quality food to anyone who wanted it has helped him to gain the success he has today, and has allowed the world to become more devoted to eating clean foods untainted by harmful pesticides. His success can be greatly attributed to the commitment he has to not only providing high quality food, but also supporting a legacy of environmental stewardship, all while keeping his customers satisfied as his top priority. His commitment to the humane treatment of animals, and general environmental friendliness has led him to his current success.

Other Aspects Beyond being personally and financially successful, Mackey also has been a forerunner in the promotion of organic foods. He hopes to bring accessibility to these products, and so far he has been successful. And, he has made great efforts to decrease his own salary and place caps on the salaries of all executive employees of whole foods. His commitment to equality sets him apart as an inspirational leader and a generally good guy. Although Mackey did not gain a Business Degree in Denver, your success may depend on your ability to put forth the time and effort to obtain a Business Marketing Degree in Denver yourself. By increasing your

education, you will be able to increase your opportunities, and decrease some of the stress that comes with starting your own business. As you pursue a, Finance Degree in Denver, E-commerce education in Denver, or Management degree in Denver, you will find doors opening for you that would have otherwise always remained closed. Becoming successful as a entrepreneur can greatly benefit from a college education that can clarify some of the difficulties associated with running a business. John Mackey’s success is a perfect demonstration of how the sky truly is the limit.

Entrepreneur bio john mackey  
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