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Different types of Copywriting While many generalize the world of copywriting, there are several distinct types of copywriting. Being able to write in several of these different styles can set writers apart and help them be more wellrounded.

Technical Copywriting First—Search Engine Optimization is probably the most prominent of the types. There is constantly a need for writers in this area as websites fight over space on the internet. This type of writing is for promotion and sometimes it is informational. There are key words that the copywriter must include in his/her article. This is how the website is advertised and how it is search engine optimized. Second— Technical Copywriting is another type of copywriting that is growing. This specific style requires knowledge about a specific industry. This is comparable to journalism except the majority of these writers are not professional but they are actually trained to write in order to share their knowledge of a specific topic. These jobs therefore require the proficiency of a specific professional whether it be a nuclear scientist or agricultural economist. Third—Content copywriters focus on one specific area and provide consistent updates and information on the area. Most of the time it is on a specific website where there can be a number of different articles, from how-to articles to other helpful improvement articles.

Creative Copywriting Fourth—Creative Copywriting does require a trained writer with a knack for telling stories. This involves bylines, headlines and other tasks. The content from a copywriter needs to grab the attention of readers and must therefore be much more attractive and interesting. All of these types of copywriters need to be able to research and gain interesting insights on material in order to write in a way that gets noticed. Getting an education in Copywriting can be a step in the right direction for most writers.

This type of writing may follow the same grammatical rules but there are often times many differences. There should be an active voice in your writing that brings your articles to life within the first few sentences. Copywriting takes on several faces for companies looking for ways to get their names out there. It really depends on the company that the writer chooses because many are just looking to get their name out there. This can mean a mixture of SEO and constantly updated copywriting that paints a picture for a company. Another route a company may choose to take is writing content that is more informative and meaningful, so as to bring more reliable customers. Creative copywriters often take these harder-to-tackle-jobs on because the company is really trying to build a name and reputation, not just get their name out there. This shows the difference between quality and quantity in the virtual world. Overall the job market for copywriters is growing and is looking promising. Writers can get into this career path in a number of different ways. While it may not seem technical getting an education in copywriting will help take you to the next level of copywriting and get you in with larger companies.

Different types of copywriting  
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