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The Best Things About Being a Surgeon If you ask young students what the most profitable and popular careers are, they would inevitably answer “doctors and lawyers” with the occasional “business man” thrown in there. Thousands of college students flock to medical school, law school, and busin ess school. However, shortly thereafter, many drop out. Even those who completed school decide they dislike their prospects and search for another path. It’s true that these career paths can be very profitable but also not as glamorous as expected. Being a doctor or lawyer comes with a lot of difficult baggage. It comes with handfuls of bureaucracy and paper work that seems to have little if anything to do with saving lives. These professions are not for the weak in heart or a self-centered drama queen. Strong, responsible, focused hearts and minds are needed for these professions. But those that are truly fit for the job love their work. The following are some of the best things about being a surgeon.

People Many surgeons list working with a variety of people as one of the most enjoyable aspects of their profession. They collaborate with colleagues on panels, councils, and committees. They interact with a huge range of patients, as well as the other health care providers those patients have formally or currently worked with. Surgeons consult with each other and discuss interesting cases which allow each of them to grow and improve their quality of care. Rather than sitting behind a desk all day, surgeons get to directly interact with people.

Satisfaction Working directly with other people automatically creates a sense of satisfaction. Surgeons, in particular, get to watch the lives of their patients (and their families) change from night to day as pain is relived, lives are saved and quality of life is improved. People come to surgeons worried and in pain and leave happy and healthy. Making such a significant impact on a person’s life is incredibly satisfying.

Accomplishment Very similar to satisfaction is accomplishment. Personal accomplishments are encouraging. Especially as technology changes and procedures are become more sophisticated, bigger problems can be solved more easily. Being able to continually improve and change procedures and practices keeps a career interesting and fulfilling. As a surgeon progresses throughout his/her career, it is easy to see the impact he or she has made over the years.

Appreciation Finally, surgeons often assert that the best thing about their job is the appreciation they receive from patients and their families. Many surgeons keep in touch with patients over the years and receive Christmas cards, postcards from vacations, invitations to important birthdays or anniversaries, and so on. Being thanked for making such a significant impact on someone’s life and having your hard work and many sacrifices acknowledged is a wonderful gift. If you are contemplating getting a Medical Specialties Degree, carefully consider the spectrum of positive and negative aspects of medicine. If you have an intere st in medicine and a strong desire to serve others, you’ll never regret entering a Medical Specialties Program. Know that your hard work will be both satisfying and fulfilling!

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The Best Things About Being a Surgeon  

If you ask young students what the most profitable and popular careers are, they would inevitably answer “doctors and lawyers” with the occa...

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