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Applying to Go to Nursing School If you know that you want to get a nursing degree, you should be prepared to apply for nursing schools. There are many different nursing schools across the United States and applying can be nerve wracking, but it is necessary if you know you want to get a nursing degree.

Preparation is Key First, you will need to make sure that you take the appropriate prerequisite classes. It is important that you excel in these classes because nursing schools will often make admittance decisions based on a student’s performance in the prerequisite classes. Finding out what these classes are as soon as you start school and proceeding to take those classes quickly will provide you with the best chances of getting into school on time. Completing the prerequisites quickly and doing well in the classes will give you a great advantage. While you are applying you will also want to note any experience that you have in the healthcare field. Take time to volunteer at a local hospital or care facility before you apply and include this experience on your application form.

Perfect Your Application As you are going through the application process, it is important that your application is proofread many times before it is submitted. After you have proofread your application, you will then want to have a fresh pair of eyes look over the application. When your application has been submitted, do not be afraid to contact the dean of the nursing school. Meeting with the dean and discussing your application and how excited you are to get a nursing degree may give you the one up that you need to get into school.

Having your name become familiar to those that are going to be making admittance decisions can be a great way to set your application apart from the other applications. When you visit the dean, you should be dressed professionally and you should know what you want to say.

Patience Pays Off When you have all of your application in, it can be hard to be patient. Waiting to hear back from schools can be one of the most nerve wracking times of the entire process because there is no longer anything that you can do about the application. After hearing back from schools, you will want to decide which college you are going to want to attend. While you are comparing the different schools you were accepted to, you will want to find a good way to make a decision that makes sense logically for you and your career. Nursing school can provide you with a great opportunity to get into a field that is continually growing and changing. Being a part of this exciting environment as a nurse is only possible if you take the time to get a nursing degree. Once you get into your school, keep your goal in mind. You want to be focused on a goal that you have for your career and future to ensure that you are able to push yourself through the demanding coursework that will be presented to you throughout your nursing education. Photo Credit: bethanykphotography, haagenjerrys, kashgroves

Applying to Go to Nursing School  

Any college application process can be stressful and frustrating. Learn how to minimize that stress if you're interested in becoming a nurse...