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Top 10 Applications of Mobile-Commerce-Donald Osmund M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the dealing of products or services through wifi portable gadgets such as mobile phone and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Known as next-generation e-commerce, m-commerce allows customers to access the Internet and never have to find a place to connect in. Donald Osmund is the Chief Executive Officer at Seedbearer Corporation which is a leading provider of data, digital media, system integration and security services. The growing technological innovation behind this, which is based on the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), has made much better progress in European countries, where mobile phones built with Web-ready micro-browsers are much more common than in the United States. Mobile commerce has entered into finance, retail, telecom, healthcare, technology, sales, and services. Need for this has increased multifold these days. Some of the applying mobile business is temporarily mentioned below.

1. For Finance The customer (using the mobile) can pay from their banking consideration using cellular business features. Mobile customers can exchange resources between consideration or have any information related to finance from banking organizations or financial institutions. WAP based cellular phones allow the user to access the internet or the website of the banking organizations. For example, a user of the credit card gets advice from the organization revealing the quantity of remarkable balance, lowest quantity due and the due date. Furthermore, when the client will pay through check or when the payment is made by him, the organization delivers recognition through SMS revealing the quantity that has been obtained by the organization. It is very much frequent in inventory broking services. The consumer can access the inventory exchange quotations. The share brokers deliver information about the industry styles to the customer and offer some tips for trading. After getting the information, the customer reacts or gives guidelines to the inventory agent. Such a deal occurs either in his/her forms of SMS or call.

2. For Retail and After Sale Services Companies can also make an online collection of products so that the mobile users can access the collection from their cellular mobile phones. People are able to shop, place purchases or seek the services of services and pay for expenses through mobile phones.

3. M-Commerce and Mobile Marketing It is easy for business companies to send SMS information to advertise a new product or carry out any form of marketing strategy. For example, Reliance Fresh delivers the client an SMS revealing the compensate factors gained by them when they purchase products from Dependency. Even if some changes are introduced offering to compensate factors, they are informed to the client in order to inspire sales.

4. For Mobile Ticketing Airline tickets can be bought through the cell phone. It also allows customers of a cellphone to make changes in their passes. For example, with “flyby SMS� released by Kingfisher Airways and payment, customers can get the details of Kingfisher airlines flight tickets by delivering SMS. The customer can book checkin after getting an answer. Besides the above, film passes can also be reserved through cell mobile phones.

5. M-Commerce and Mobile Entertainment Mobile terminal acts as a portable music player. Installing ring-tones has become successful m-commerce application. Cell phone manufacturers and wireless providers are making decent money by selling different kinds of customized ringtones, at Seedbearer Organization. Donald Osmund is Chief Executive Officer. Seedbearer Corp is a top company of information, digital press, system incorporation and security services.

6. In Healthcare and Medicine Wifi services are used in medical care and medication for payments, lab purchasing, recommendations, medications and medical choices. For example, in U. S. Declares, doctors are able to acquire individual details from any place by getting linked easily to the hospital’s details system. They are able to access the pharmaceutical information of sufferers and provide better individual care.

7. For Hotel Reservations Using mobile devices, customer can reserve for restaurants and hotels according to their needs.

8. For Intra-Office Communication Sales personnel, who are always on the move, may need to access to the company information system to check the price of products. But cellular allows the journeying sales employees to monitor stock and sustain interaction with elderly people at convenience. Traveling sales agents do not have to hold back for long to get acceptance from the elderly people. Any details could be moved quickly and easily with the help of cellular phones. It eliminates limitations in intra-office interaction.

9. For Information Cell phones allow clients to get information like game information or governmental information of their choice. For example, nowadays through SMS, learners are able to check their school outcomes or public evaluation outcomes.

10. For Gaming Customers can play multiple gamer activities through cell phones. Mobile activities are very popular with vibrant shows and it produces a good income.

Applications of mobile commerce via Donald Osmund  

M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the dealing of products or services through wi-fi portable gadgets such as mobile telephone and personal dig...

Applications of mobile commerce via Donald Osmund  

M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the dealing of products or services through wi-fi portable gadgets such as mobile telephone and personal dig...