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Essay - consider the influence developments in urban/ street photography have had on graphics and advertising though the work of 4 artists. intro In this essay i will be looking at 2 different street/urban photographers and i will look at how that has built into a link with the adverting industry. I will be looking at the work of Markus Hartel and the Nike industry and talk about how they influence young adults to their own brands and how they use advertising to sell their products. Nike use alot of different ways to advertise there products such as leaflets, posters and sport videos. I will look at the way large companies such as nike and es manipulate the market by producing videos and places to expand the setting of there products. Street photography and the black and white style was really popular in the 1930’s. A famous black and white image photographed in new york in the 1930’s was the construction worker. The photograph was taken when the Rockefeller Centre was built. The image was staged but they all were real workers. It was taken to promote the skyscraper and it was intended to look like it was a natural brake. The style used is similar to the style of street photography we use these days. Over the past ten years or so street photography has massively increased in popularity and appears frequently in a wide rage of advertising and commercial work. Markus hartels uses the same style in his street photography to give it a urban feel. On his website i found a lot of information including a definition of the way he sees his work. ”What is street photography? A reflection of every day life – real, unaltered impressions of public places, places that everybody visits every day, the street where you live, the parking lot of your favorite grocery store, the subway. Street photographers document the truth – take candid pictures of things that you don’t notice in your daily grind.”

This photograph was taken by Markus Hartel. I like this photo because when he has edited it he has made the white stuff in the photo stand out more. The style he uses for his photography is similar to film noir type of cinematography, most of the photographs have very high levels of contrast and a narrative style to the image, these types of photos make you think more deeply about the content of the image.

Markus Hartel took this photograph for a fashion magazine. I like his photography because he bases all his images around street photography style. Most of his fashion photos are all taken on the streets of new york. His images promote a life style as well as a product. This photo does not work as well as the black and white photos he takes because the composition and the narrative element does not work in colour as well as in black and white. Film Noir was routed in German expressionism with films grouped together because of their distinctive visual style. The style was created in the studio system with collaborating directors. As a photographic style noir was defined mainly by the cinematographer. While the cinematographers job includes many aspects of photography, an important roll is to control the light levels. The photographic effect used in many noir films was chiaroscuro, ‘the powerful contrast of light with the elements of darkness and obscurity’. Noir cinematographers tend to be artists who like to work in the dark.

John Alton believed ‘the most beautiful photography is in low key with rich blacks’. This is the same type of style i like my photographs to reflect. The photograph below shows the style of film Noir which i have used to focus on the area used for skateboarding. The photograph that Markus Hartnel took of the people walking in the rain is similar to the photograph i took and reflects the noir style of contrasting black and white. All of the photographs have a strong element of narrative in common because they tell a story with in a single shot. The photograph of the man standing next to the motorbike shows a story which reflects how wealthy the figure is.

Henry Edwards Woods is a cinematographer from london he has his own production company called Hold Tight Henry, He manly works with hard wear and footwear companies such as Es, Stella supply and converse. He developed the styles that i have discussed, so far and combined them with the popular trend of skateboarding which is popular today. The image below was a screen shot of the video ‘One week in paris’ by henry woods it is typical of the type of films he creates in many different locations filming skateboarding.

The image below was taken from the same film, it shows the Es logo clearly to promote the product. Henry woods saw the opportunity to bring together elements of popular culture. The advertising industry soon picked up on this and Wood’s production company and style became a basis for advertising companies such as Es, Converse and Stella Supply.

Nike took the stage further with links to skate parks support and

advertising their brand. Neil Smith is sponsored by Nike Sb, he is well known around the london skate scene. Nike took over Bayy66 skatepark in royal oak from Xbox. I think that Nike Sb are taking advantage of this area of youth culture by buying skate parks and charging people for there use. When the origins of skateboarding where free. The advantages of this is that there are more well built skateparks which are larger and safer to use. From nikes point of view they are providing a facility for the community but they are also making a lot of money by charging for entry and sponsoring talented skaters who would promote their products. I feel the benefit the community receives reflects a fraction of the money Nike make from the skate scene around central London.

The Post above this essay is an example of a short trailer which i produced using the film noir style. The examples i have shown in the essay of video and film show how urban street photography has been picked up by the design and advertising industry through the work of Markus Hartel and Henry woods. It is a style in which i currently work at and as a member of the skate scene my self would hope to continue developing in my own photography and design career. Â

Essay on Urbadn street photography and the design indusrty.  

essay on film noir and graphics.

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