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HD Partitioning Hard Drive Partitioning is a process of utilizing disk space completely by trimming free space or gatheirng free chunks for creating new drive partition/volume

Significance of HD Partitioning Drive partitioning takes place in Mac for one of the following reasons: 

Drive goes out of space

Utilize free space over disk

Multiple OS X

Resize an existing disk voulme

Need to delete unused drive partition

Repartition Boot drive etc.

Issues in HD Partitioning 

Sometimes, extreme file corruption halts the process of drive partitioning File system issues in specific disk volume for data storage

Bad Sectors on disk partition area

Inefficient space for new partition

Boot Camp Partition Issues

Stellar Partition Manager ď Ź

To overcome HD Partitioning issues, users either use builtin 'Disk Utility' option or move towards third party software to get the work done easily. There are many software in market for partitioning hard drive and Stellar Partition Manager is one of them to create, delete, format, resize the

Stellar Partition Manager

External HD


How to Delete Drive Partition? 

If you want to delete any drive partition due to any reasons like file system corruption or any OS X issue then our Stellar Partition Manager Software works well. In case, if drive volume formatting process fails due to extreme level of corruption then use this powerful utility to perform the same. Simply, you need to run our software and select the desired drive volume and click on Delete Button.

How to Format Drive Partition? ď Ź

ď Ź

If any of your Mac drive volume is severely corrupted, not repairable and unused completely then format is the good option to rewrite the file system for data storage efficiently. All internal and External hard drives are platform independent. So we need to format the drive by removing all traces of platform compatibility and make useful for Mac.

How to Partition External Drive? ď Ź

ď Ź

Stellar Partition Manager Software helps to partition an external drive connected with Mac with a graphical user interface in term of creating, deleting, formatting or resizing. You need to connect an external drive with your Mac and select that from the shown list and mention the size of new volume. contd.....

How to Partition External Drive? contd..

How to Resize Mac Partition?

Stellar Partition Manager

Utilize Mac drive by organizing full space efficiently

By: Donald Kepler

Why & how to partition hard drive in Mac os x ?  
Why & how to partition hard drive in Mac os x ?  

Utilize Mac drive by organizing full space efficiently with the powerful GUI interface