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What's in a name #1

The surname of Donald was first found in Galloway an area of southern Scotland. From the Irish "donghal", meaning "a brown stranger". Also from the Scottish, meaning "proud ruler"; the Latin "dominus", meaning "master"; and the Gaelic, meaning "world ruler". Middle name jay a bird of the crow family with boldly patterned plumage, typically having blue feathers in the wings or tail. Christian name is domhnall

From the Gaelic name Domhnall which means "ruler of the world", composed of the old Celtic elements dumno "world" and Val "rule". This was the name of two 9th-century kings of the Scots and Picts. It has traditionally been very popular in Scotland, and during the 20th century it became common in the rest of the English-speaking world. This is the name of one of Walt Disney's most popular cartoon characters, Donald Duck. It was also borne by Australian cricket player Donald Bradman (19082001) Famous people with the name: Donald duck (famous cartoon character) Donald Hume (murderer) Donald Sutherland (film actor) Donald Rumsfeld (military leader, government) Donald trump (us president, reality television movie star, business leader) Donald driver (children's activist, athlete, football player) Donald nelson (murderer) Donald o Connor (film actor, dancer, theater actor) Donald Glover (American actor, writer, producer, director, comedian, rapper, singer, and songwriter. He performs as a stage artist under the stage name Childish Gambino, and as a disc jockey)

Personal alphabet #2 A: active B: basic C: crazy D: dumb E: elastic F: funny G: grateful H: hatred I: idiotic J: jumpy K: kindhearted L: loyal M: manly N: nonsense O: optimistic P: playful Q: quiet R: reserved S: struggle T: timber U: understandable V: valuable W: witty X: xenophobic Y: youthful Z: zodiac

Likes/dislikes list: #3 Likes: 1. Like playing baseball 2.Love funny people 3.Love chocolate 4.Spending time with family and friends 5.Drawing 6.Acting 7.Teachers who are all out funny 8.History 9.Fooling around 10.parkour

Dislikes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

1. Annoying people Riots Clowns Poo Spoiled food Jealous people People with anger issues Talkative teachers Photo bombers Big giant bullies

Sensory experiences #4

A giant stinky yeti stomping on the ice cream around the tree. Then the yeti farted on my face while chewing on a cacao seed.

Metaphorical definitions #5 1. Anger is acting before thinking 2. Love is caring for one another 3. Freedom is a bird flying though nature 4. Liberty is like freedom for the people 5. Success is something you achieve 6.

Quality personality #6 My own quality personality is being active. Usually I love to do lots of stuff when I’m outdoors. I may be soft and chubby but I’m full with energy. During this summer I’m planning to lose weight until I get fit so I could join the military. I would make sure my dream will actually come true.

Color your world #7 The legend of the green camouflage color. During a war each side of the country would capture enemy troops as prisoners of war no one could escape from the enemy, until this one man who is known to create the green camouflage name jimmy. Five days earlier jimmy and his comrades were just scouting to see if there is any enemy movements. But by the time they notice they were ambushed the half monkey aliens started shooting at jimmy and his troops. Every each of jimmy's comrade were falling one by one to the ground lying dyed until any were left alive the only one who was left was jimmy. Who was on the ground pretending to be dead? Three hours later jimmy left the scene he was so terrified he didn’t know what to do so he kept running for hours until he was going to break. He shouts so loud he notices he was right in front of the enemy hideout. Just then the hideout started to get swarmed by the aliens getting ready to check what the noise was. Jimmy started to freak out he didn’t know what to do just then he look at a bunch of grass and mud. Then he thought of the greatest thing ever he started to wipe his face and all over his body with mud, and sticking the leaves and branches all over himself before the aliens got any closer. Then jimmy ran to the nearest tree and sat there like a normal bush. The aliens got to the place where jimmy was at. But jimmy was to be nowhere to be found. The aliens couldn’t see jimmy sitting by the tree. By the time the aliens left to search another spot jimmy ran. He ran until he got to his base and told his commander what he created so jimmy was promoted to a platoon leader and he taught his men how to use the camo stuff. By the time they all knew how they secretly undiscovered went to the alien’s hideout and eliminated the whole battalion of aliens. The rest of the aliens retreated back to their planet and never came back. While jimmy and the others were celebrating their victory jimmy wondered what to name his invention. So he named it green camouflage color. So there it is the legend of the color green camouflage color.

Room sweet room # 8

My room is like a castle where no enemy will enter until my dog lets them to. My room is the third Neatest room out all five rooms. All my things and cloths in there are off limits. All of those are like part of me because they go wherever I go if I wear them. If I see anybody go into to my sweet castle I we'll send my dog to raid their room if it’s possible to do it.

Personal metaphor #9 1. Animal : gorilla - I like climbing 2. Car: mustang- I'm fast 3. Article of clothing: watch- always checking the time 4. Day of the week: Tuesday- second oldest child 5. Food: chocolate cake - its sweet like me 6. Color: black - blends with the dark 7. Movie: one piece- funny and action 8. Fragrance: axe- for men only 9. Type of building: McDonalds- my sister said that’s how I got my name 10.Plant: cactus- don’t like being touched by strangers 11.Musical instrument: guitar- love loud music 12.Geometric shape: square- size of my room 13.Piece of furniture: chair- good to rest on 14.Song : none- I don’t have a favorite song I just listen to it 15.Season of the year: summer- bright person 16.Television character: Kevin heart- I'm funny 17.Cartoon or comic character: monkey d. luffy - always ready for an adventure 18.Appliance or machinery: 19.Natural phenome: earth quakes- because I'm fat 20.Word : bruh- gets others attention

Extended metaphors # 10 1. Animal, Gorilla: I would say me and the gorilla are alike because we both like climbing trees. The second eats all kinds of fruits. The third is that we are both big and wide. And the last is because we are fun, love having fun with others 2. Movie, one piece: we are both funny in any way. We do the dumbest and stupidest things ever. We may not be smart for the challenge but we are willing to do it. And we are active go around for adventures and ready for danger in any time and any place. 3. Color, black: we both look the same obviously. We usually blend with every other colors, like me blend in with different kinds of people around the around. We both blend in the dark if anybody comes finding me they won’t until they find me with a flashlight. 4. Food, chocolate cake: we’re both sweet at the same time? We’re the same color that looks so delicious. We both could get other people’s attention by making them stare at us until they want us. 5. Day of the week, Tuesday: I’m the second oldest one, just like Tuesday the second day. We’re both sometimes bright, sometimes dark either way I’m still great. And we’re both usually busy to deal with the other days.

Symbolic recipes #11 Recipe in how to make a Donald: 1. A cup of friendliness 2. 10 cups of clown fullness 3. 5 thirds of nervousness 4. A teaspoon of smartness 5. the last and not least a drop of meanness

The ultimate all-purpose excuses #12 Well Mrs. Griffin the reason why I'm tardy is first it was because during lunch someone told others that it was my birthday. so they decided to birthday jump me but I already knew about it so I hid in the restroom until lunch was over by then when I got up the door shut locked that was when I freaked out wondering what was going on. Went to open the door it was locked started to figure out what was going on I kept shouting knocking for the past 10 minutes then the door opened by the time I sticked out my head seeing everybody laughing and videoing me coming out just then I started laughing too. Then notice it was class time so I ran from g wing all the way to here. Where you ask why I'm tardy

Telling tales #13 When I was little a little boy I and my friends would always play tag or infection. And I was the top in hiding and running away but the one day that got me ruined my entire life. That day I was little and I ate a lot of food before I went out to play, while playing I had a stomach ache but I ignored it by the time it was my turned to count I felt a grumble but still ignored it. So I counted to one to ten when I got to six I froze like literally I didn't move my body only my eyes I stood there until my friends came out from there spots asking what's wrong but I didn’t reply back but by the minute I felt something coming out of my right pants everybody started staring at my leg too all the saw was a huge oval poo coming out of my pants .everybody then started screaming running around saying " Donald poo poo, Donald poo poo then My auntie bring up to the shower washing me up the punished me and went back out to play. So that’s my lesson, and remember if you know you need to go then go.

Unfinished sentences # 14

1. I was usually worried about vomiting in the school bus. 2. I feel angry when somebody takes my snack without asking. 3. I'm moody when somebody makes me angry. 4. I'm happiest when somebody makes me laugh. 5. I feel confident when somebody believes in me. 6. I feel frustrated when I forgot what to do for my project. 7. I feel depressed when somebody says something bad to me. 8. I am comfortable when I feel love. 9. I feel nervous when my teachers tell me my grade. 10. I feel sentimental when I'm tired.

Personal symbol #15 The one thing that symbolizes me is a pencil. The reason why it’s a pencil because I love to draw I would draw every day when I first drew was back in my kindergarten in elementary. we were assign to draw a something that we want to be when we grew up so drew a bunch of stick soldiers aiming their guns at the enemy when I turned it in my teacher was expressed that I could draw like this when I was still in kindergarten. She asked if I was going to be an artist or cartoonist in the future but I said no I either wanted to join the police force or military. So this is how the pencil symbolizes me I love drawing

Map of life # 16

Born on Guam, April 2, 2000

Went Lyndon b. Johnson, tamuning, and Agana heights for my elementary years

After my promotion from elementary school I went to Jose l.G Rios middle school (home of the voyagers)

After my three years of middle school that’s when I went to George Washington high school (home of the mighty geckoes). This is where I’m going to graduate from high school and pick my two options. Either I go to college in Hawaii or join the military National Guard

A mysterious place # 17 Well to me the mysterious place for me was the clinic. When I was a little boy I had a toothache while eating lots of candy. So my mom took me to the dentist. I was wondering why was she taking me there so I asked her and she told me it was a surprise. That was when I didn’t what was a dentist. So when got in to the clinic I saw this huge picture with a cartoony tooth smiling with a toothbrush and toothpaste. I then asked my mom who were they she said the toothpaste protects the tooth from candy so it doesn’t get hurt and the toothbrush helps to. Before we got through the door I heard screaming that made me jump in the air. I got so scared wondering what was happening to that person. Then after 30 minutes I see a kid coming out with a lollipop in his hand and then some stuffing in his mouth. With tears in the eye coming acting like a brave man. Then a women called out for my name. The moment I entered the room I heard another scream I see a room near me while walking when got a good look that’s when I peed in my pants a little. I see a boy lying on a chair while an adult was digging in the mouth the boy was crying so hard look liked his eyes were about to pop out then when I got a closer look. I see the doctor pulling out a tooth from the poor little boy and puts it on a tray. He then made the boy leave to another room after cleaning himself up. Then it was my turn I was freaking out wonder what was going on .after the tighten my on my chair I didn’t know what was going to happen. The dentist told me to open my mouth wide so I did then he sticks this mouth holder to hold my mouth wide I tried resist but it was too late the dentist brought in the sharp stuffs that he was going to use to operate me. I was nervous until it got worse the doctor then started drilling my tooth painful I let out a cry. I was crying in pain thinking I was going to die. I tried getting up but the dentist helpers were holding me down still like a stick. I grabbed one of the helper’s arms and squeezed it so hard he turned red then I felled asleep well that’s what my mom said, I don’t remember the rest but the good thing at the ending I got a lollipop for being a good boy.

Synetics # 18 1. Which is wiser? Pencil or pen? A pencil is wiser because if you make a mistake you could always make it up. Like the pencil you misspelled a word you could just erase it and do it again. 2. Which is easier to forgive? Street or sidewalk? A side walk because it isn’t so rough and like the road, it’s smooth and steady. 3. Which is smarter? A clock or a calendar? The calendar because it knows when are the holidays and the important days are in. 4. Which is easier to teach? A question or an answer? A answers because it know everything your just asking the question a question. 5. Which is like a contest? A cloud or the sun? The sun would be like a staring contest to see who would blink first. 6. Which is more fearful? New or old? The old is because it may be gone but what if it comes back. 7. Which is like a promise? Mathematics or science? Science because everything they discover is most likely real? 8. Which is most difficult? A dream or a nightmare? The nightmare it would always keep coming back to you even if you try forgetting about it 9. Which is braver? An hour or a year? The year because it would stay the longest in the battlefield the most. 10. Which has more pride? Entrance or exit? I would say the exit because it would bring the people a more freedom place to exit though. 11. Which is easier to close? A road or a map? The road is much easier because it’s just a simple man made feature. But the map would take like a year. 12. Which is like a legend? A mirror or glass? A mirror because it would show you your true self of life 13. Which is more suspenseful? Rain or snow? Rain because it pees on others without warning or saying excuse me. 14. Which has less charm? A signature or autograph? A autograph because it’s from a famous person but a signature comes from somebody you love the most family. 15. Which is more trustworthy? History or literature? History because if you ask them to do something they always remember to do it. 16. Which is more useful? A friend or enemy? A friend because when you need help or something your friend would always be there for you. 17. Which is sadder? Seek or find? Seek because what they would be seeking will never be there. 18. Which cost more? A home or house? A home because it is something that belongs to me. But a house belongs to a business. 19. Which is happier? Music or art? Music because when something is wrong music would make sure you happy. 20. Which is like a valentine? The truth or lie? The truth would never break your heart like the lie.

A day in life # 19 There was this boy name Donald. He was a very nice and smart boy when he was little, until his mother left him and his sister behind for another man. Their father bought them to his place where he has his own wife and kids who they now call mom, dad, brothers and sisters. They had a very difficult time since it was a large family. Lots of trouble came between the families. Fights, spoiling, rent, power, water, and food. Donald and his sister Geneace came to a new school called Agana heights. They made so much friends at school, but not with the family. There step mom was really worried because there wouldn’t be that much food and room for the family so she started being so strict. Whenever the step siblings done something wrong. She would blame it on don and gen. if they didn’t do a minor thing correct, they would get in trouble. Throughout those days she kept being strict until that one day Donald was hit by a baseball bat. He kept bleeding so hard it made the step mother shout in tears. Worried making sure if he was going to make it or not. A few hours later he made it but lost a bunch of blood when it got healed he went back to school. But there was a problem everything he used to know math and all other subjects. He didn’t really know any of them but only simple stuffs like addition, subtraction, and vocabulary. That was the day on he no longer achieved a+ honorable certificates. He then became that one and stupid person in the family. Years past until it got to high school. Donald really wanted to join the arms drill team when he was in middle school. He even practiced and exercised to do it. But his parents didn’t want to waste their gas to come from Agana heights to mangilao. Luckily his two step sisters joined up for sports in middle school. He was happy for them but at the same time disappointed. The parents would waste their time from Agana heights to piti for them accept him. But things change now it was like a family reunion we would all ways respect each other and help. No matter what happens we are still a family. Now in the present. They are great family with a huge apartment where they live. Now it’s much easier for the family to keep going when don graduates and get a job. This was the best experience that he’s ever overcome that’s the end of this see you later.

These words belong to me # 20 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Happy: I’m as grateful than anybody in this world and I’m nice Stupid: well obviously I don’t really know that much Lazy: I don’t really do that much things anywhere but work Anger: I’m sometimes mean in any ways Tech freak: I usually use my phone all the time

In other words # 21

Flashback # 22 Well that day would be the day I made an accident when I was little in tamuning. I wish I could change that because it was so embarrassing like literally, the kids I was playing with just kept saying Donald pooed in his pants so slowly it made me wanting to poo even more. But my auntie brought me back in to the house wash me up then I went back outside. If only I went to use the restroom when I needed it nobody wouldn’t be teasing me or calling me names that’s the day I wanted to change.

Remembrance of things present # 23 Things that describe myself right now are funny, stupid, brave, and active. It’s really enjoyable to come to a place where I didn’t expect to go to like I was supposed to go jfk as a freshman, but instead I went to gw where I literally knew nobody every that I’ve seen there were from untalan and agueda middle school. I wasn’t expecting to get new friends here but I did. There were wonderful people I’ve met and it was a good thing that I became a four year gecko.

As time goes bye bye As time goes by I want to meet the whole entire world and meet new people. Experience new food, tradition, and other kind of cool stuff. I would swim in the beaches of Cali, meet the Eiffel tower, and other more kind of cool stuff. You want to know what is out there waiting for you get up and go

My own list of lists 1. People who have influenced me…. Mom, dad, family members, siblings, and friends 2. Places that make me happy…. McDonald, school, beach, movies, and the carnival. 3. Places I would like to go …. Italy, Germany, Fiji, Florida, and my island pohnpei 4. Things in people which I like …. Kindness, love, friendship, caring, and supportive 5. Things in people which I dislike …. Rudeness, bullying, and abusive 6. Things that worry me …. Grades, job interviews, future, and loved ones 7. Things that I would like to know how to …. Drive , fight , cook, and get a job 8. Things that have moved me …. Car accidents, riots, family member funerals, and sad movies 9. Ideas that intrigue me …. Racism, superpowers, super heroes, and living in the sky 10. My personal favorites …. Sleep, activities, games, anime, and Netflix

Cheer yourself up# 26 How I would cheer myself up. I would get my water gun and water splash everybody in the house, without them knowing. Or I would just play pranks with the whole family except my mom she’s the strictest out of the family but I want to try it out. And just go out with some of my friend and watch movies or eat ice cream. That’s what I would usually do if I have the blues.

Metamorphosis# 27 This symbol represents me because I love moving around and shooting others with my bb gun. Pretend that there is a war going on right now and I’m the commander of the 101st legion. I would make sure all enemies are eliminated until we are victorious. So this is my symbol.

Picture this#28

This picture shows men getting ready to go to war who are basically germans

Look who I look up to#29 The one and only person I really look up to is dick winters. He was just a platoon leader, until he became the company commander of easy company the best in history. He led many of his troops to victories after his great work he became battalion commander of the whole battalion. He is the reason why easy company is known throughout the world

Remembering the child#30 The person I interviewed was my great dad. My dad was with me the most than my mother throughout these years. So he knows what’s it’s like to have me. My dad said I was mostly known as a game freak in the family. I was the nicest than my sister in the family. My dad said the mostly thing that he remembers about me was when I sold my toys or bully my sister. He would remember all the times we had at the beach. Like the parts where he would throw me way so high in the sky then I drop into the water. My dad treated me and my sister the same as a family. The part he would remember was when he had to leave the family. That was when he and my mom divorced from each other. My mom was the one watching over us instead of my dad. My dad really wanted one of us to stay with him but my mom didn’t want that to happen. After two years my mom left me and my sister in an abandoned apartment that was about to be tear down for another man in the states. We stayed there for two days luckily I had all lot of junks and food in my bag I stuffed in. I’d made sure my sister ate before I did then waited until my dad came. He was terrorized asking my auntie why my mom would do this to us. And proud of what I did for me and my sister. After that was over he took us to his place with a new mom and family. And this how I’m here right now thanks to him. That’s one of the memorable things he would remember about me. That’s why I usually go everywhere the little ones go. Because I’m all ways prepared. That’s is what he remembers about me

One medium suitcase#31 Well what I would take with me would be some my new and good cloths, my phone, important personal files, money, and my personal hygiene materials. Those are what I’m going to bring with me if I only have a one medium suitcase. The reason why because the cloths of course it has to be good and new looking you can’t just go out to the world with just your regular cloths. And besides it doesn’t matter if you bring little cloths that is why I bring my money if I need more cloths. Second thing are my phone, money and important personal files. Those are the stuffs that you can’t forget to bring. The phone of course to keep in touch with others, the money to buy your wants and needs, and your personal files. Of course you need that because you’re going to need a job. That employee would needs to see your birth certificate, diploma, and other important things to see if you qualify to work for the job. And the last item that would really need is personal hygiene. Of course you travel though planes you would always brush and wash your mouth. You don’t want your mouth to be stinky and then you talk to your future wife. So that’s all the stuffs that I would bring with me if I only have a medium size suitcase.

The perfect present#32 Mrs. Griffin I hope you give me the intelligent present. Because I’m kind of the dumbest person in this class right now. I work so hard to become it but no it never happens. I’ve done lots of my work but some of them come to me with bad grades. So this is why I am asking for this kind of gift this I the part I’m waiting for in order for me to go to the new world. If not it’s okay I will try to save as many knowledge in order to get it

Memorable event#33 Well this place wasn’t an event for the school but it did happened during this year at a fast food restaurant. Whenever we would go to McDonalds my sister would always tell me that this is where I was born and found. she would say my parents didn’t know what to name me so they got it from McDonalds. They took out the mc only to name me Donald .

How to …#34 Flush a toilet This is what I have to let everybody know how to flush a toilet. This usually happens to people lately. For an example in school you need the restroom so bad you go and you see the toilet filled with mountain dew colored liquid you get so disgusted you want to vomit. This usually happens at my place and I usually get scolded for it when it’s not me, so let’s get started. First you do your moment to the toilet Second yu get up and wipe up any spots if you miss the hole third you go to the side and press down or wave at it if a scanner and it will flush That is it you wash your hands and enjoy your quality life

Always say never#35 That one person that I never wanted to meet was my auntie. She would get mad at some of us for no reason. She tells us to do something when we already did it duh. She would tell the little ones to tell my parents to buy some sweets for them. And my dad’s side of the family hates her so bad they wanted to kick her out.

Are you hungry#36? My favorite meal is from kfc which is a fast food restaurant. And that meal is known as macaroni and cheese, yummy good. The reason why it is my favorite because of the cheese and how soft the macaroni is once you bite that yummy thing. All you will feel is smoothness of cheese and the soft bite you did to the mac. It’s so cheesy that you would buy 5 more of it. They would sometimes sell it together with two pieces of fried chicken for a low price. That’s what i call wow. So this is what i usually love to eat and why it is my favorite dish for kfc.

Where I’m from#37 The place that I’m from is an island of pohnpei but I was born on Guam. But my elders usually say that pohnpei is the best place to be you could swim at the beautiful places there. And the best part is that you could actually lose weight there kind of fast.

Deck of 52#38 52 ways to earn money: 1. Savings 2. Take online surveys 3. Rent out your car 4. Bartending or waiting tables 5. Teaching lessons 6. Car valet 7. Check your credit score 8. Sell your own bakery 9. Sell illegal drugs if you don’t get caught 10. Ask your parents for money 11. Beg from strangers 12. Get a job 13. Be a blogger 14. Rob the bank 15. Sell your body 16. Carwash 17. Cleaning others house 18. Bush cutting the lawn 19. Cutting down your neighbors tree 20. Drive people to airport or wherever they desire 21. Be mystery shopper 22. Ticket broker 23. Walk dogs 24. Dog sitting 25. Babysitting 26. Tutor 27. Collect aluminum cans 28. Sell stuff on eBay 29. Have a garage sell 30. Sell your food or stuff at the fle market 31. Free lottery tickets 32. Dig in your siblings savings 33. Play games 34. Look around the grass if you see something green that doesn’t look green 35. Dress nicely and walk on the streets until a random car comes pick you up 36. Tell your little brother to ask your parents for money for you 37. Sell your good looking cloths 38. Bet in crazy 8 39. Hustle up from others 40. Help the elderly 41. Make a t-shirt and sell it in school 42. Sell flowers 43. Work online 44. Participate in events that deal with money 45. Bingo 46.

The examined life#39 Good life:  I'm a good person.  I'm funny.  Don't usually get in trouble in school.  Love to draw and cook.  I'm an outdoor person. Bad life:  I've robbed when I was little.  When got to high school i didn't cared until I didn't get a .5 credit in my freshman year.  Sometimes a dumb person.  Not being known in the school.  Sensitive person who could usually hurt others very badly.

Annual report#40 A year ago I was a quiet person throughout my years. But now I’m kind of noisy person who people don’t usually like. But I’m still kind of a good person still. During this year I really thought I would not worry about any classes but no. it was really crazy lot of work and projects. Some teachers are kind of last minute but the students are the one that are last minute. I didn’t really expect my senior year to be that hard. if I did then I would’ve been ready for it so I wouldn’t worry about it. I thought I would make progress but no some classes that I have are kind of hard and I don’t know if I’m passing it or not. This is kind of the worse year for me after all


This inspires me because I want to join the military when I’m done with high school

Visually speaking#42

Lessons I’ve learned before It’s too late#43 The first lesson I first learned was stealing is bad. At first I needed money because I wanted to buy some junks for the weekend since I was going to go to my cousin’s sleepover. So basically I asked my parents for some cash but they didn’t have at first I got real pissed but at the same time happy because my aunt was staying with us and she was loaded with cash since she had a good career. So one night I sneaked in the guest room and snatched myself the some 20 bucks. The other day on I was already at my cousin’s place eating some sorts of junk. By the time I came back. I see my parents at the front porch waiting for me, then I knew something was bad. My parents got so mad when they found out I took20 bucks from my aunt. Then my aunt came told me since I took her 20 bucks I had to not go play outside, play video games, watch movie , use any electronics, and go anywhere with my friends within a month. There it was I suffered a lot without having fun. That’s one lesson I learned don’t steal. The second lesson I’ve learned Is don’t be spoiled. When it comes to wanting something like the other kids have. You really want it so bad but your parents don’t have enough money for but only the food we were going to eat. I started complaining crying that I hated my dad and I don’t love him anymore. So he buys the stuff I wanted together with the little portion of food we need. When we got to the house I realized my dad wasn’t going to eat. Wondering why he wasn’t going to eat then my older sister started yelling it’s your fault he’s not eating I looked straight at him and turned to my power ranger pack and felt sad. So I went to school and gave away my power rangers pack for ten dollars. That time was when we were balling with cash. I sold lots of my new toys I wanted and got like about 120 some cash. I went gave my dad the money. At first he was mad saying where got the money. Then my sister came telling him that I sold all my new toys to other kids my dad was kind of happy and surprised, but also mad at the same time because it was kind of bad of doing that. He told me to no longer do that. So I kept my promise until I needed money.

The door#44 When I walk out that door, I want to see myself in the middle age in the middle of a battle fighting though the enemy lines leading my own troops to victory.

When I walk out that door, I don’t want to see my self in the middle of a room already filled with men who used the restroom nut didn’t wash there hands coming and touching me.

Advice to the young#45 To Donald junior: listen carefully my boy whatever comes out my mouth is true and trust me on this you going to need this when you grow up. First of all no stealing I will not hear from others that you stole something you understand. Second don’t do dumb or bad influence in school it could get you suspended and you already know what happens if you do. Third when you turn sixteen find a job so you could earn money for self at the same time start to learn how to drive if you have good grades in your report card.

Who am i#46 I am a teenager who became an adult in April. I am a son and a brother in the Joshua family. I’m the one who is responsible for the family safety. I’m the only person out of the whole family that could leave the house my sisters cant because they’re girls and something bad might happen to them. As older brother I would usually train my little brothers so they could take care of the girls when I’m gone from the house.

Rewarding experiences#47 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Learning how to ride a bike is one of them Tasting the richest chocolate Losing some fats Gain some fats Learning how to speak and understand my own language Eating the most out of the family Running so fast Doing my work on time Helping the elders Jumping from a high cliff to the water

Valuable lessons#48 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Stealing is bad Sharing is caring Look for a job before it’s too late Don’t eat too much fats Wash your self-everyday Lose weight before joining military Be yourself when you approach a girl Brush your teeth every day Don’t eat too much candy Be ready before you enter your adult life

Futures: fantasy and facts#49 In ten years from now I would see myself in a nice good looking house with my friends. Me a famous blogger over 5 million followers who watch my blogs. My name would be known throughout the world. I travel throughout the world meet new other people and friends. In ten years from now from continuing the way I am. I would be maybe in the military or the workforce. Paying bills and important stuff. And have a great and wonderful family with my future wife. If do retire i would kind of have my own bakeshop and pass it down though the family though generations until they want to stop doing and move on to their own life's.

Epilogue Well hello if you find this booklet it belongs to Donald jay Joshua which is me. No need to find me though I want you to keep it. I want you to inspire yourself to see what you’ve experience from reading it. When you’re done I want you to pass it on to others. To keep them inspired to believe in them selves