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LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE IN HEALTHCARE Donald Chew is a respected professional who has over 18 years of experience in the health care industry. He has worked in almost all kinds of related fields including nursing homes, acute care hospitals, assisted living, Managed Care, Medicare, Community retirement, and nonprofit organizations.

Being a born leader, Donald Chew has always displayed outstanding leadership qualities. He has been successful in achieving great results even in the most trying circumstances and always gets the best out of his subordinates in all kinds of situations.

Donald Chew is the kind of person who leads from the front and sets up an example for the others to follow. According to him, for being an effective leader a person needs various qualities.

Donald Chew is a multifaceted financial and Operational decision maker who is vibrant, collaborative, and resourceful. Exercise sharp analytical skills, observations and team approach to drive organizational advancements and execution of ideal procedures.

Donald chew  
Donald chew  

Experienced with highly engineered accounting systems and conversions possess remarkable experience in building relationships and successful...