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Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation There are multiple reasons to hire an attorney for a Workers' Comp dispute: the first "Cover Yourself", the second "Protect Your Family/Life-Style", and third "Ensure Your Future". This isn't to sugar coat things, but merely to show you the direction in which you need to focus when dealing with Oklahoma workers’ compensation. "Cover Yourself" meaning exactly that. Most cases are a result of an injury on the job, LOA (Leave of Absence), or lack of benefits resulting from a layoff. Regardless which of these is your particular case, having an attorney is your best course of action. There are many various loopholes that Workers' Comp prosecutors will pursue just to win. They have no moral obligation for the "greater good," after all, it's their job to defend Workers' Comp. "Protect Your Family/Lifestyle" is the simplest and yet most important of the three reasons. Whether you’re a family man who sacrifices everything for the best interest of your family or you’re a single man/woman who prefers a particular lifestyle, protecting it is vital. Again, you should have an attorney from day one. Try and think of it outside of the box too, "If you don't protect your family or lifestyle, then what are you working so hard for in the first place?" That should be plenty of motivation for any man/woman to seek the proper attorney. "Ensure Your Future" is something most hard-working people forget when burdened with a Workers' Comp dispute. This reason mostly applies to an injury on the job dispute, however it also relates with LOA and lack of benefits too. With a proper attorney at hand, you have less of a chance of the cost of your dispute leaving you with more hospital bills than the settlement is worth. These are, some simple, yet immensely important reasons to hire an attorney before taking on a workers’ comp dispute. Unlike most court cases that tend to drag out or take years to settle, Workers' Comp cases tend to be completed quickly. They protect the cooperate interest, so it's your job to stand up for the common man/woman. The attorneys at Johnson & Biscone law firm are dedicated to serving Oklahomans in workers’ comp disputes. Do not hesitate to file your claim and meet with an attorney. First consultations are free, so what are you waiting for? To learn more, go online to

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