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40 Workdays Until The End Of The Year A little pressure never hurts us. In fact, it motivates us and improves our performance and nothing kills procrastination as effectively as a deadline. If you’ve been looking for a little help to get your bum off the seat and complete some projects this might be it: From 1 October South Africans have only 40 workdays until Christmas holidays.

For most South Africans Christmas holidays start on 16 December. Yes, several of us still work and do business, but it is not at full capacity and also, certain organisations like engineering firms, government institutions and builders close completely. So: 1 October to 16 Dec = 76 days Minus 22 days for weekends = 54 days Minus 5 days for Spring and Summer Holidays = 49 days Minus 9 days for meetings + training + family responsibility = 40 Standard 100% workdays And there you are. Get going!

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40 Workdays until the End of the Year