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Projectaimee Facebook Ads on Mobile.Mobile Marketing Next? In March 2012 Facebook is going to announce advertising for the mobile version of Facebook. They have seen the rise in the usage of mobile devices soar over the last two years. This Christmas, Apple had record breaking sales on the iPhone and there was a total of over 6 million mobile devices purchased over the holidays alone. The world is screaming mobile. We want our content, friends, messages, and social media now and on the go. The next time you find yourself waiting in line, or stopped at a light, or in a resturant, look around. 9 out of 10 of the people you see are on their phone. So naturally Facebook wanted to capitalize on where the eyes are. It was reported that; Nearly half of the social networks 845 million monthly active users log onto Facebook from a mobile device. I for one do about 50% of my work load and social media engagement on my smartphone. I do ads on Facebook from time to time and it is frustraing that I can not access that from my phone now. I think it is going to be a great addition with more to come very soon! This exciting news is a great example of the need and desire for a mobile strategy for your business. If you are advertising to clients on a mobile deviceyou want them to continue to be entertained in a mobile friendly way. The last thing you want is for your customer to find you on mobile Facebook only to be taken to your website that is not a mobile site. The need for a Mobile Plan is upon us. What are you doing in terms of mobile marketing? Are you sending out mobile media to your mobile customers? Do you engage in any SMS marketing? Share your mobile strategy with us below. text message marketing myrtle beach