Trade Secrets March 2015

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How To Lose Weight

As You Age:

Four Simple Tips By Elizabeth Phinney


y expertise is in fitness specific to people over the age of 45, and because of this, I am often asked, “Is it harder to lose weight when you are older?� In a word, YES! But, the good news is you are truly in control of what you weigh and how fit you are as you age! First, understand what is going on in your body as you age. Believe it or not, you begin to age as soon as you stop growing (between 20 and 22). Once you hit that stage of life, your cells begin to die off and are replaced with new ones, at a rate of about 1% each day. It is the strength and fitness of those new cells that determines how healthy you are. 30 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 2, Issue 11 || 401.353.4940