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A New Look at The G! ...And Our Picks of ‘Most Stylish!’ PARTYING WITH TAYLOR SWIFT! The Truth about Stretching




ust as we begin to wind down the various Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion- & Style- Weeks everywhere, we present this issue’s cover story: StyleWeek Northeast, in Providence R.I. Featuring fifteen new and veteran designers from around New England, the shows were staged in a new and hip venue, the Providence G ballroom, which buzzed with a palpable energy that was very dynamic. Check out our rundown of all the shows as well as an embedded video clip of the new runway showroom.

Coconut has really been enjoying the spotlight, lately, and so we asked Olga Hawwa to enlighten us on the benefits of this versatile fruit from cooking to skin care, and its many beneficial properties.

Also check out the Trade Secrets team’s choices of the most stylish man and woman each night at StyleWeek. Our picks are based more on the creativity and uniqueness of the look, than on the trendiness; so we invite you to let us know what you think!

If you search on the internet for advice on your first model shoot, almost every article will remind you to wax, moisturize, wear nude undergarments, and so much more. Although these items are important to look professional for a shoot, Melissa Damon explains why it is, equally, important to remain safe during a shoot.

For Elizabeth Phinney, it is a marvel how something so relaxing can be so tough to do. Stretching, that is. So when are you supposed to stretch? For how long? In fact…, do you really need to do it…? She answers those questions. Kayla Caulfield has lived the actual “School of Rock” life. She was the lead singer of her school rock band, Deep Freeze, and she loves everything about the 70’s. Jaclyn Pelopida pulls back the curtain on this self-described ‘flower child.’ In July 2015, Taylor Swift rocked out to a sold out crowd at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, M.A. and Jaclyn joined 60,000 fans to see Swift in action as she celebrated her top-performing album, “1989.”

As well as having a long and fascinating history, Italy also carries a long tradition in sports, and boasts a vast number of successes. Cinzia Antonelli takes us through the history of the various favorite athletics, including soccer, cycling and even motor racing.

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A New Look at the G!...24 44............................And Our Picks

of ‘Most Stylish!’

KAYLA CAULFIELD: Flower Child ...............14 56........ Italy’s Favorite Sports

Taylor Swift Parties with 60,000 of Her Friends!...............62 66............The Truth about Stretching BEWARE THE CREEPY PHOTOG!

..............................8 10......Coconut Oil


YEMI SEKONI, editor-in-chief, is the owner and director of Donahue

Models & Talent - Rhode Island’s oldest model and talent agency. Her company books some of New England’s top professional models and talent to work with many corporate giants across the region.With over 35 years of experience in various areas of the acting and modeling industry, including theater, TV, film, print and runway, Yemi also holds a Bachelor of Arts in education, a post-graduate diploma in marketing and an MBA. TRADE SECRETS magazine is the culminating outlet for all of her passions – education, performing, marketing and creative writing. tradesecretsmag.com

JACLYN PELOPIDA, entertainment, graduated from Iona College in 2007 with

a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication with a concentration in journalism and a minor in psychology. She was the arts and entertainment editor of her college newspaper, “The Ionian.” Throughout her college career, she was an editorial intern for “M Magazine,” a web editorial intern for “Seventeen” magazine, and a public relations intern for MTV Networks. She is in the midst of writing her first novel and currently resides in Cranston, Rhode Island. linkedin.com/pub/jaclyn-pelopida/33/155/54a

CINZIA ANTONELLI, international, resides with her husband, Gianfranco

DiMarco, and their 14-year-old daughter, Enrica, in the little town of Cassino, Italy. Inheriting her creative and artistic flair from her father, a painter, and her grandfather, a novelist, she grew up with a love for fashion, and a passion for creating costume jewelry. When she is not busy with her daughter or helping her husband with his business, she can be found designing and creating new lines of costume jewelry – inspired by the ancient royals of the world, primitive prints and nature. Through her craft, her goal is to express her unique personality, as she believes that creating an object for the body is also a universal form of communication and language. facebook.com/cinzia.antonelli.16

OLGA HAWWA, beauty writer, is licensed esthetician, and makeup artist offer-

ing facials, face/body waxing, eyebrow design, makeup artistry, and body treatments for women and men. She is located 1227 Main Street, West Warwick. Hours are by appointment: makeupandimage.com

ELIZABETH PHINNEY, health and wellness, is a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise. She also holds a certificate with the American Senior Fitness Association and is an affiliate of The American College of Sports Medicine. She was named Top Female Executive with Worldwide Who’s Who and VIP of the year in Health and Fitness for 2013 and 2014. In 2013, she co-authored “The Expert Success Solution,” an Amazon #1 international bestseller. Elizabeth’s passion is Fitness after Forty-Five and her mission is to inspire people to plan their physical future. Her flagship product is BodSpir®, a meditative strength training technique she created and has taught thousands of times in her classes. FitnessAfterFortyFive.com

LAURA ROSSI, lifestyle, loves accessorizing!

She regularly blogs for The Huffington Post Style section, SheKnows.com, and many other lifestyle sites. Laura is a published author, digital strategist, and runs her own public relations firm. LauraRossiPublicRelations.com.

VALERIE LANGLAIS, events, hails from Oxford, Massachusetts and has an Associates Degree in Account- ing from Quinsigamond Community College, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Kennedy-Western University. During the weekdays, she is a mild-mannered accountant with Charlton Furniture Co., Inc in Charlton, Mas- sachusetts. In the evenings and on weekends, the former model teaches the children’s program for Donahue Models in Cranston, RI; is on staff with the Boucher School of Dance in Oxford, MA and runs an online business selling vintage designer clothing.

RACHEL SILVA, columnist, graduated from Merrimack college with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and a minor in Sociology. She went on to obtain her Master’s degree in Education with a professional certification as a reading specialist and Literacy Coach. Currently she is employed as a reading specialist in an elementary school. Over the past fifteen years she has strived to bring out the best in students and coworkers by helping them to discover who they are. She has trained teachers during professional workshops in various writing approaches and literacy programs. Educating individuals on topics that can improve and enrich their lives professionally and personally is a passion of hers. She currently resides with her two school aged children in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

VALENCIO Photography


Hair / Makeup Wardrobe Styling Assistant



Sales & Advertising



Creepy Ph

Beware the


f you search on the internet for advice on your first model shoot, almost every article will remind you to wax, moisturize, wear nude undergarments, and so much more. Although these items are important to look professional for a shoot, I find that it is equally important to remain safe during a shoot as well.

Five Things to Know for Your First Model Shoot


By Melissa Damon

It pains me to admit it, but I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard horror stories about bad photo shoots that could have been avoided with research and preparation – although some cannot be avoided at all. Our mothers have always warned us not to talk to strangers, but put an expensive looking camera in the stranger’s hand, have him/her offer an important shoot, and many of us may lower our inhibitions. It is even to the point where thousands of models are afraid to ask questions because they fear being labeled “divas.” Social media has forced them to choke down the belief that they need to accept whatever is given to them for fear of losing the possibility of another shoot. This is not how it should be. Models have the right to know that they are working with a professional, and that they will be treated with the same respect as any other employee in the field. Insurance. Every professional photographer worth their services has insurance. It doesn’t cost much and it is there just in case one of the models (or staff) gets hurt on the set or something happens to the studio and/or equipment. Most landlords won’t even rent out a studio without coverage. If they are not insured, they are taking a huge risk. Some photographers may tell you that insurance isn’t necessary, but would you trust something that is not insured? Most photographers will announce on their webpage if they are insured or not, or it will be written within the contract. Contracts/Agreements/Releases. Most people will look at this statement and laugh, knowing that it a basic guideline in the industry. Unfortunately, tons of models have trusted photographers and not signed contracts, or some have signed them without reading them over. One of my friends was a sucker for this and although I warned her time and time again, she never listened. One day, I gave her a contract to sign. Within the contract, I purposely wrote that she would give me chocolate every day for life and that I could name her first child Bubba. After she signed it, I highlighted the items and showed them to her. Needless to say, we laughed as we ripped up the contract. To this day, she reads them thoroughly before signing. Always check your contracts and have your agent look them over to make sure you aren’t giving away your rights – and NEVER do a photo shoot until you have signed a

contract, an agreement or a release. Concepts. We’ve all seen the TV shows where the models show up on the set and they are lying naked with snakes or shaving their heads bald. If they don’t like it, they are told they are not models. In reality, the photographer usually talks to the model or agent and explains the concept they are going for before even hiring them. As a photographer, I can assure you that it is a great business practice to have everyone in the loop and comfortable. My studio is even known for drawing sketches of what we are looking for in the shoot and sending it directly to our models beforehand. I also advise models to place what they are not comfortable with in their portfolio or website so it lets the photographer know their boundaries. Never go alone. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy. If you are going to a shoot that does not involve other members of your agency, do not go alone. It is very important to bring a friend, fellow model, loved one, or agent with you. I have never been insulted as long as the companion isn’t disrupting the shoot and I know of many other photographers that would agree with me. If this is something that is uncomfortable for you, then contact a friend and let them know your location and time of shoot. Call or text right before the shoot, during a break, right after dressing, and when you leave, so that someone can come or call the police should you become uncomfortable. Check their credentials. Just like you would check out the reviews of a product before purchasing, research your photographer before working with them. Chances are, we are researching you as well for the same reasons. Check out their final images and see if any other models have worked with them before. Personally, I have my own website and I am a member of Model Mayhem. I invite my models to comment on my work whenever they like and almost all of them are friends on my page. I also talk to my models (or their agents) beforehand so that they know who I am. Regardless, the best practice is to always be prepared. There are many wonderful photographers out there that will treat you with dignity. Always tell them in a kind tone if there is something bothering you and most will immediately rectify the situation. If something occurs that sets off your warning radar, contact your agent and leave the area immediately. Just like any other job, safety always comes first.


Coconut Oil By Olga Hawwa


oconut has really been enjoying the spotlight! Coconut water is now a favorite after-workout drink and foodies are turning to coconut oil as an alternative to traditional cooking oils.

When it comes to the skin, coconut oil is showing up as a key ingredient in many products because of its many beneficial properties. Coconut oil restores hydration and moisture to dry, flaky, and chapped skin and also provides natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

In addition, it is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and omegas helping to protect the skin from cellular damage which eventually show up as lines and wrinkles. And if all the above benefits weren’t enough, coconut oil also soothes the skin making it an ideal choice to treat common sensitive skin ailments such as eczema, windburn, and sunburn. With the possible exception of acneic skin, coconut oil is suitable for almost any skin type. All this plus its ability to instantly transport us to our favorite tropical destination and hold onto summer just a little bit longer!



ayla Caulfield has lived the actual “School of Rock” life. She was the lead singer of her school rock band, Deep Freeze, where they would sing classic rock songs. “I love Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant and everything 70’s. You can say I am a flower child at heart,” said Caulfield. Caulfield, who is known for rocking out on stage, is also known for her portrayal of Disney characters as well. “I work professionally as an actress portraying Elsa from ‘Frozen’ at children’s parties, charity events and parades. I sometimes get to dress as Minnie Mouse, Elmo, Snow White, Cinderella, and recently performed as Taylor Swift at a camp. I love this job, as I get to see the excitement and joy in children’s faces,” Caulfield said.

By Jaclyn Pelopida | Photo/Video Valencio Small | Hair/Makeup: Sinn Vann

“I love the 70’s, so anything Bohemian Style and floppy hats are what I like. I also love the 50’s look too and how woman dressed then, it was so classy and feminine.”

“I am very caring and sensitive; I love to help others. I am such an old soul.�

TS: “What is your best memory as a child?” KC: “Going to Disney World when I was 8 years old and getting my hair done and dressed up like Princess Aurora from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at the Bippity Bop Boutique in Downtown Disney. I was also chosen as Princess for the day and I got to cut the ribbon for the Disney Store opening and walked around Disney with a special sash and pin. Some of the Disney characters would stop and bow to me. Maybe that was a sign of my future.”

TS: “What has been your most memorable modeling or acting job so far? What made it memorable?” KC: “Getting to walk in New York Fashion Week in the Couture Fashion Show is something that I never thought possible because I do not meet the height requirements for runway, but the designer had confidence in me that I could do it. I have been back to NYFW since then and am going back again. It was memorable because I saw Ivanka Trump sitting in the front row.”

TS: “How would you describe yourself?” KC: “I am very caring and sensitive; I love to help others. I am such an old soul.”

TS: “What would you do with your first million if you made it big as a model/actor?” KC: “One of the organizations that I got involved with from modeling is the Veterans Advocacy Services. I would donate it to that organization as I feel that giving back is important.”

TS: “How long have you been acting/modeling?” KC: “I have been acting/modeling for about 12 years. I started in local theaters and really enjoyed the thrill of performing so I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. I did not start working professionally until about four years ago. My parents wanted to make sure it was my own decision and dream.” TS: “What was your first modeling/acting experience like?” KC: “In April 2012, I modeled for New York photographer Ilona Szwarc who was doing a photography series about the look-like-you American Girl Dolls. She came to my house and we shot for hours with my American Girl Doll. She submitted some of her photos to the World Press Photo Association and out of 100,000 photos, in February of 2013, I found out the photo I posed for placed 3rd in that prestigious competition. That photo was all over the Internet when it won, and with the photographer being from Poland, it made news everywhere. There is a clip from the jurors that explained why they picked my photo. For the whole year of 2013, the photo was on exhibit around the world and is presently hanging in an art gallery in Woodstock, NY.” TS: “What was the last modeling/acting job that you did?” KC: “I recently traveled to Vermont and did a photo shoot and video shoot for a knitting company called Authentic Knitting Board for their new knitting loom called Zippy. I can also be found on their knitting loom kits for scarves and hats. It is kind of cool when you go into Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabrics and see your face on display.”

TS: “What is your go-to beauty product or fashion accessory/item?” KC: “My go-to beauty product is just basic mascara and lip gloss. To me, less is more and I like the natural look. Also, for moisturizer, I love coconut oil straight from the cooking aisle; it’s great for skin and hair.” TS: “What clothing store do you love and find yourself going most when shopping?” KC: “I love H&M. Their clothes are so trendy and very reasonable.” At just 18 years old, most would think that Caulfield’s favorite band would be One Direction, however, most people would be mistaken. “I love Led Zeppelin, and I love Robert Plant. I have all their posters hanging in my room. I was fortunate to see Robert Plant last year and sat two rows from the stage, he is my rock idol,” Caulfield said. Impressed, you say? That’s nothing new for Caulfield. “People are impressed when they talk to me because I know so much about the older bands and sing classic rock songs,” Caulfield said. TS: “What’s your favorite type of music?” KC: “I love all classic rock music. I can thank my older brother for that since he also loves music and would always listen to old rock music, which got me hooked on it. It’s cool because we love the same kind of music that my parents grew up on so we all go to rock concerts together.” TS: “Describe your sense of style and what it says


about yourself and your personality?”

time of year.”

KC: “I love the 70’s, so anything Bohemian Style and floppy hats are what I like. I also love the 50’s look too and how woman dressed then, it was so classy and feminine.”

TS: “Share your favorite quote.” KC: “’If you can dream it you can do it,’ Walt Disney.”

TS: “What’s your favorite form of exercise?” KC: “I like yoga and strength training. I also just love walking with mixing in some light jogging. I try to do a little bit of everything so I don’t get bored just doing one form of exercise.” TS: “What’s your best vacation/travel experience?” KC: “A few years ago, my mother and I went on a cruise to Mexico and we went on a couple of excursions. One was swimming with the dolphins and big sting rays in Grand Cayman. I loved swimming with the dolphins the most because one of the tricks the dolphins do is kiss you on the cheek and then they are supposed to return to the trainer, but the dolphin named Rick kept coming back to kiss me, it was too cute.” TS: “If you were invited to be on a reality show, which one would you choose, and why?” KC: “’America’s Next Top Model’ because I would love to meet Tyra Banks and get to model in exotic places, participate in those amazing photo shoots, and have my hair and makeup made up with crazy looks. I also like it when Tyra has the models do a makeover, I would love to see what she would choose for me.” TS: “What’s your favorite dessert? Why?” KC: “I love ice cream, mostly soft serve. Eating it always makes me feel like a little kid because it’s like a treat when you take a drive to get ice cream and there are so many amazing flavors. It’s one of the few desserts that I can have since I have Celiac Disease. I just have to be careful with the ice cream that is mixed with cookies.” TS: “How many pets do you have, what are they, and what are their names?” KC: “I have two dogs, a long haired Dachshund named Cocco, and a Papillon named Simon.” TS: “What is your favorite holiday and why?” KC: “Christmas is my favorite holiday because I just love all the lights and decorations; it’s such a magical

“Presently I work professionally as an actress portraying Elsa from Frozen at children’s parties, charity events, and parades.�

Male & female model: Kayla Caulfield

“...I would love to meet Tyra Banks and get to model in exotic places, participate in those amazing photo shoots, and have my hair and makeup made up with crazy looks. I also like it when Tyra has the models do a makeover, I would love to see what she would choose for me.�



ith a new venue, new designers, returning fan favorites, a street level Accessories Showcase and Moet Champagne, STYLEWEEK 2015 took over downtown Providence for five consecutive nights of sold-out runway shows. The overall vibe was cool and on-trend – just like the new space and walk-around runway.

When you read about the designers, the highlights, and see our gorgeous photos, we know you’ll agree that the new STYLEWEEK worked it up and down the runway. Move over Fashion Week NY – it’s time to give the spotlight to the most creative designers in the fashion world today and to the vibrant city of Providence. First up….. Coverage by the Trade Secrets Team Photos/Video: Valencio Small

Leading off our Style Week; sleek and sexy designs by Antwan Byrd for DeBricchio! This line takes everyday wear to a whole new level. The models all styled to perfection, clean, strong make-up and sleek hair compliment the impeccable pieces, such as a long, flowing white skirt paired with a soft pink crop top. Wearing any of these styles would make a woman feel powerful and sharp as they go about their days.

Chaz Aracil takes us on an incredible, science fiction, fantastical journey with his bold pieces. Strong make-up and slicked back hair creates a striking image as the models walk, strutting their completely original pieces, such as a beautiful black dress, accented with molded latex. Mr. Aracil’s collection wowed the audience, pulling us with him into a fantasy world.

Sexy. Daring. Alluring. Samuel Vartan’s collection was all of this and so much more. As the models walk, their skin glowing and hair flowing, the audience sits on the edge of their seats, straining to get a better look at the fresh looks presented. As a long, white, chevron dress glides along the runway, the audience is silent, awed by the way it moves. And as the model turns her back we see a scoop so long it would make our mother’s mouth’s drop. Who wouldn’t love it?

This retro line opened the night with its own flare. Mode Merr continues to surge towards new heights by bringing dresses, pencil skirts, Keyhole blouses that best describe one’s personality with curves in sizes that range from XXSXXXL.

Market driven for the independent lady, Clothes Horse Clothing demonstrates an evolution with creativity, intelligence, and appeals to an adventurous mindset.

Evolue Apparel, by designer Susan Semaitis, took to the runway in a league of its own. Bold statements made with virtual identical hats. This line creates thoughtful, polished pieces that can be mixed and matched with each other. These pieces are very modern and are clearly identified with class.

Instilla by Valentina Oppezzo brought Style Week a “totally tubular” update of 1980’s fashion. The youthful collection featured crops and tees (made with 100% organic cotton) and charismatic (vegan-friendly) bags with graphics by Oppezza and “ROMEntic Collection” art by Paola Anista. The energetic looks nodded to the decade of decadence with side ponytails, legwarmers and sparkling eye makeup. The soundtrack from the movie “Footloose” accompanied the vibrant mix of prints down the runway. Tee shirt slogans such as “Eat Kale like a Boss” made sure that the audience came “Back to the Future”!

BY Jeffrey Dickerson gave 1940’s silhouettes a futuristic flair. Strong shouldered dresses with low necklines and curve-enhancing cut-outs were made new with elegantly placed beading, sequins and metallic accents. Exaggerated sleeves reminded the audience that the retro vibe was for today’s woman. The designs were feminine, flattering and very chic. The “inner-beauty” of the garments was the impeccable craftsmanship and tailoring. Dickerson’s construction is masterful!

“Tough Girl Chic” was the theme from Battle Designs. Strong eye make-up and “faux-hawk” hair complimented the feminine yet edgy designs. Moody colors in velvet, lace and tulle added romance to the urban looks. Sequins ensure that the Battle Designs girl won’t be missed! Neutral tones and classic textiles kept the menswear line dapper; but ingenious design made the looks interesting and comfortable for the wearer. Asymmetrical cuts on the jackets and a relaxed hem on the pants looked fresh and modern.

The first show of the evening was from the designer Chikke by Angelica Timas. The collection was no stranger to the ever trending wide legged- high waisted trouser, the classic crop top, and the midi skirt silhouettes. These classic pieces were often kept in soft tones of nude and rose pink. Towards the end of show, the collection warmed up as models graced the runway in classic pieces that featured an interesting combination of denim and an African tribal print, subsequently adding pops of soft yellow and red. Eyelet, chiffon, and linen were popular fabrics utilized each rendering different form upon the models featuring silhouettes ranging from loose to form fitting. Makeup was kept dramatic around the eyes, featuring bold hues of blues and pinks, the rest of the face was kept natural, all hair was kept off the shoulders.

Yellow Clover had a very prominent Asian flair, attributing many of the colors and fabrics to Japanese culture. Models were painted in white face, paired with bold pops of red lip color. The lips even more so reminiscent of Geisha Girls in Asian culture. Fabric colors were kept pale scale, featuring mixes of pale yellows and soft greens. Classic parasols were utilized as props by many, the first model stopping to open it up to reveal its Japanese inspired print of blossom trees. The high waist trouser pant with the wide leg goucho flair was a staple item, paired with a simplistic crop jacket. Classic Japanese embroidery was noted upon many of the pieces, as well as intricate beading which graced alongside the braids of many of the models. Many pieces featured sequins; which allowed many of the pale scaled pieces to pop in details of gold and white.

Carissa Lynne Designs featured pieces dripping in gold, both soft and metallic. Gold, rosey pink, and aquamarine blue were the main alternating colors of the collection, very reminiscent of the fashions of the ancient Greeks. Goddesses is the word used by many in the audience to describe the looks seen upon the runway. The halter neckline was seen repeatedly as dresses varied in lengths both floor length above the knee. Makeup was kept very dewy, featuring shimmers and highlights of gold. Hair was styled in teased up do’s, small braids adding detail upon the sides of the face.

Amy Stetkiewicz opened the final night and brought an entire new look to denim! Fashionable floral and bright colors were mixed into the collection, from skirts to shorts, Amy brought denim back!

Jess Abernethy featured an incredible spring line entailing beautiful bright pastels, fabulous flowy skirts, and heels to wrap each outfit up with height.

Jonathan Joseph Peters wrapped up StyleWeek featuring a more edgy and dramatic look that was too hot to touch! JJP stole the night by taking “our breaths away� to a whole new level when his final model walked in the runway in a daring head piece.


Rosanna Ortiz’s vision of a more interactive show with increased front-row seating had the fashionista crowds energized and excited from the pre-show mingling at check-in all the way until the last model and designer took their final bow. The sound system and dj tunes were fun and funky, the lighting was on fleek, and the audience, the drinks, the best-dressed, and the talent photographers created a scene that was enhanced by the incredible space of the G Ballroom. The open, contemporary, artsy space felt part gallery, part private party, a little but clubby and a gorgeous backdrop to the clothing and accessories. Once again, TRADE SECRETS is giving STYLEWEEK a standing ovation!

Coverage by the Trade Secrets Team | Photos: Valencio Small


Camille Kostek Occupation: Brand ambassador and face of Benrus What are you wearing: Stuart Weitzman stilletos BCBG cape Strappy bralet Topshelf black jeans HG Benrus watch in Black Rose gold What inspired your look: I want to look casual, yet classy. I love anything high waisted and I love to rock jeans and a nice pump. How do you feel in your outfit: Comfortable! I love street style, it makes me feel chic; and anytime I wear tall heels I instantly feel confident How would you describe your style: I love to have a pop of color, like my baby pink lipstick. I love to match neutral tones with big accessories or a pop of color in my lips. I love being able to go out to dinner and then have fun at the club.

Kent Stetson Occupation: Designer What are you wearing: Vintage leather wrap/apron Burberry pants Vintage blazer Oakley prototype glasses What inspired your look: This is an outfit I could really only wear at style week. It’s not too serious and I like how organically it came together. How do you feel in your outfit: I feel like superhero. How would you describe your style: Distinct, intelligent, and uninhibited.


Jose Diaz Occupation: Full Time beauty advisor, but on the side I do styling, photography and coaching. I was involved in the coaching of tonight’s showcase. What are you wearing: I am wearing the 2nd collection that you guys saw tonight. I wanted a man dress for a man purse. She made that for me and then I added my own little touch. I love button up shirts and just kept it simple. What inspired your look: I’m inspired by many things, by the media. I like to be talked about in a positive or negative way. Since people talk regardless I figured this was going to be talked about as it is right now. How do you feel in your outfit: To be honest I feel kinda free, because it’s so free and lose. I can maneuver and be confident while wearing it. How would you describe your style: My style is me and I dress what I feel. If I want to be a little over the top, I do. If I want to be a little more subtle, I do. I like modern style. I like vintage style. I like to add a little flavor to my style.

Makara Chan Occupation: I work for Styleweek. I am the PR/Social Media Director and I work at a Advertising company. What are you wearing: I’m wearing Alistair Archer Bara, H&M shirt and bought these shoes from the internet. What inspired your look: I kinda wanted to have some fun and still be really stylist and then Jonathan Joseph Peters one of the designers actually suggested that I wear a loose top with a tight bottom. How do you feel in your outfit: I feel like a bunch of fun‌(laughs) How would you describe your style: My style is really classic, but I like a lot of pops of color and a lot of patterns.


Jeffrey Dickerson Occupation: Fashion Designer What are you wearing: Black Pants White Dress Shirt Black Tie Banana Republic Silver and Black Houndstooth Blazer - By Jeffrey Dickerson (Myself) What inspired your look: My inspiration was my collection I showcased that evening How do you feel in your outfit: I feel very flashy and high class. How would you describe your style: Classic with an edge

Kaleigh Guay Occupation: Designer, Seamstress, Blogger What are you wearing: A vintage gown by Adrianna Papell Evening Vintage clip on earrings by Kenneth Lane Shoes by Charlotte Russe Ring by Tacori Clutch by Kent Stetson. What inspired your look: Holly Golightly with a little less sparkle. The jewelry and beading only accent the dress, not overpower it. How do you feel in your outfit: I feel elegant and poised in my outfit. How would you describe your style: Yin and Yang! Sometimes I dress classy, feminine and conservative. Other times I can be fun, dramatic and eccentric.


Jay Davani Occupation: I own my own mobile thrift store in Rhode Island called “Mint� What are you wearing: I am wearing a vintage dress that I found in a trash can in Miami. My clutch is vintage, given to me by my mother. What inspired your look: I wanted to look classic and timeless How do you feel in your outfit: I feel powerful Describe your personal style: I am a chameleon, I am never seen in just one look. I love high- waisted anything that is my go-to.

Cristian Feliz Occupation: I am the Intern Staff assistant at the Rhode Island State House. What are you wearing: I am wearing H&M from head to toe. Shirt, suit, Shoes. What inspired your look: I wanted to be a little understated with a flashy hint, very subtle with a little pop pf color. I wanted to have that “double look” effect. How do you feel in your outfit: I feel great. Describe your personal style: I like to be comfortable, balanced, and not afraid of color. I’m classy, yet edgy.


Marc Allen Occupation: President and Owner of Marc Allen Inc. What are you wearing: One of my own personal plaid designs. What inspired your look: My look was inspired by comfort. How do you feel in your outfit: I feel very powerful and stylish in my outfit. How would you describe your style: My style is very chic, I am all about looking stylish and being comfortable.

Christina Robbio Occupation: Public Relations Rep What are you wearing: My outfit this evening is from Macy’s. What inspired your look: I love a tight fitted shirt and flowy skirt. How do you feel in your outfit: I feel Fabulous in my outfit! How would you describe your style: My style is fashion trendy!


Italy’s Favorite Sports By Cinzia Antonelli


n addition to having a long and fascinating history, Italy carries a long tradition in sports, boasting a vast number of successes. Since the time of the ancient Romans, horse races were held within circus venues utilizing the “Chariot,” a vehicle drawn on two wheels, often carrying two standing persons. Huge amphitheaters often drew large crowds to observe fights between gladiators.

Italian Soccer Team During the Middle ages, knights characterized their armor by carving symbols of their families, which served as a proud reminder of who they were fighting for. That form of symbolism is very similar to today’s society in that we are all very representative of our differing cultures. Occurring since the 6th century, the city of Siena is home to the historic Palio horse race event, during which participants competed with their own horses. Even today, every year in August, this evocative event continues to take place. This event attracts many tourists, with an excitement towards the medieval atmosphere. At the end of the 700s, physical activity was introduced in all Italian schools. Sports were incorporated under the ideals that they were general contributors towards the psychophysical health of individuals.

“Cycling with the Cycling Federation” was the first Italian sports organization in 1885. Many bicycle enthusiasts joined and in 1909 it played the Tour of Italy, the first official competitive sport. It ran well, growing from a level of amateur to professional sports, in which bikers raced competitively, for medals of recognition. Later in 1910, the National Italian Soccer team was founded. Players wore blue shirts in honor of the flag of the Royal Savoy, which reigned in Italy at the time. Soccer, Italy’s main sport was born as many clubs and teams became established. For Italians, soccer is, without a doubt, the national sport, far more ever now. We identify and love out National soccer players with all our hearts, as if they were members of our own family. Since I was a little girl cheering for the Turin soccer club, the soccer team champions become legendary due to the tragic fate that had met them. One night in May 1949 at

Superga, the plane on which the soccer team was travelling home, crashed to the ground, leaving no survivors. We transformed the sport into a sense of belonging that we manifest in various ways, such as waving the Italian flag on our balconies during the World Cup. If Italy or our team wins, we celebrate all night long in the town streets.

Our national soccer team is among the most qualified in the world, having won four World Cups and many other medals in the Olympic Games and international competitions. The teams in our Italian league have won numerous international trophies, among the most notable is the Juventus soccer club, considered among the top ten European club teams. The second most popular sport followed in our country is motoring, where we have great traditions in motor sports. In the F1 team, Ferrari holds the record of most titles for drivers and construction. Aside from the main Italian automotive brands such us Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari and Lancia, that have won the biggest races and prestigious winning world titles, I’d like to briefly recall the most important drivers in our sporting history as A.Ascari, T.Nuvolari, M.Alboreto, R.Patrese, J.Trulli and G.Fisichella. We’re also just as passionate about the motorcycle, with great motor champions of the past, worthily followed by those of the present, such as the mythical M.Biaggi, L.Capirossi and V.Rossi, who have led us to win several international awards. Another sport followed here in Italy and just as practiced by many fans is cycling. It’s not just a sporting event among athletes, but also a very important element in our sporting tradition. It’s practiced mainly

on the road, and only in recent decades, have cyclists competed on the track with timed trials. The main competition is the famous “Giro d’Italia,” which takes place every year with single runs and stops along almost the entire peninsula, over the span of about 20 days. The most famous champions from the past to present day are the mythical F.Coppi, F.Gimonti,

F.Moser, C.Cipollini, I.Basso, and A.Nibali. But the champion that we can never forget was M.Pantani, known as “The Pirate,� who, with his exploits uphill, contributed to the Italian passion for cycling. M. Pantani won both the Tour of Italy and Tour of France in 1998.

For us Italians, basketball is the second team sport that we also follow, but we do recognize, of course, that the US monopoly of this game is well deserved! In recent years our national team stood out, thanks to generations of champions, by winning two silver medals. Juventus

We are also great fans of volleyball that has recently reached higher levels in the field worldwide. Other sports that we’re very passionate about, even boasting excellent professional standards, are tennis, fencing, skiing and many other disciplines of athletics. Conclusively, I’d like to emphasize that sports hold a very important role in our modern society, and Italy recognizes its importance in many different ways - social, educational and cultural. Playing all kinds of sports from childhood, in addition to bettering our state of physical and mental health, enables us to be ready to face the stresses and trials of our daily lives. So, what do you say, are you ready for a fun and healthy workout?

Italian Tour

With love…Ciao from Italy Cinzia Antonelli.

Ferrari F.1

Tour de France

Rossi motorbike



Taylor Swift Parties with 60,000 of Her Friends! By Jaclyn Pelopida


n July 24th and 25th, Taylor Swift rocked out to a sold out crowd of 60,000 fans, both nights, at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. Friday, July 24th marked Swift’s sixth, sold out concert at Gillette and she brought out all the stops to celebrate her topperforming album, “1989.” Not only did Swift perform for almost two and a half hours, she also brought along three opening acts with her, including Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy and Haim, the all-girl band who are part of Swift’s ever-growing and envious friend squad.

Photo source: www.flicker.com

Titled “1989” for the year she was born, Swift’s latest album debut in October of last year but has predominately stayed within the top 10 best-selling albums since its release. The album, which sold over 8.6 million copies worldwide to date, is something to celebrate for Swift for two reasons: it’s the biggest selling album since 2002 and it marks her introduction to the world of pop music. The album, thanks to big-named producers like Max Martin, Jack Antonoff (from FUN), and Swift herself, is reminiscent to songs from the 80s, which is another reason why Swift called her album “1989.”

A screen with a backdrop of New York City appeared on stage, as well as dancers dressed as taxi drivers and pedestrians walking the streets of Manhattan while Swift began to sing the opening song on her album, “Welcome To New York.” With a long catwalk that stretched out to almost the other side of the stadium, Swift and her dancers strutted their stuff like it was a runway show at New York Fashion Week. After the crowd just barely calmed down from the opening song, Swift addressed the crowd and thanked them for staying out in the rain

Photo source: vsmodels.net As my friend and I walked into Gillette Stadium, we were each given an LED bracelet to wear during the concert, something that as an avid concert-goer, I had never seen before. The lights went down after the last opening act left the stage and the crowd began screaming and chanting Taylor Swift’s name, when, at its loudest chant, the music began and the LED bracelets all lit up, making the crowd look like a sea of stars.

to see her play. She reminisced about the six other sold-out shows she’s had at the stadium and the fact that Gillette was the first stadium she had ever played a sold-out concert at. Swift smoothly transitioned into her bonus track of “New Romantics,” in which every fan screamed the words over the loud, 80s-inspired bass.

In tune with every beat of every song, the LED bracelets shone with different lights to create a disco-like crowd. That way, Swift said, everyone was a part of her show and she was able to see all of her friends in the crowd. Keeping in line with the theme of LED lights, Swift sang “How You Get the Girl,” in an LED dress under an umbrella in the rain, giving the song and choreography a 1950s film feel. From the 1950s feel to a darker undertone, “I Know Places,” was performed next about Swift hiding a relationship from the public eye. The song incorporated bullseye targets on screens with haunting pictures of foxes and traps to mirror the lyrics, “they are the hunters, we are the foxes,” while Swift’s dancers hid behind closed doors that opened to the beat of the song. Even though Swift has a new sound with her pop record, she still stuck to her roots while singing her past No. 1 hits such as “Love Story,” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Instead of singing the songs with the original country sound, Swift switched up the melodies and instruments to give them a cohesive pop sound that was more fitting with the new direction of Swift’s music. For her rendition of “I Knew You Were Trouble,” Swift took on an edgier, rock-EDM vibe that showed how far she’s come vocally as a singer as she power-housed her way through the song beating out the competition of the thriving electric guitar and bass. One thing Swift made an important point of doing multiple times throughout the show, was addressing the crowd of adoring fans, ranging in all demographics, all of whom she calls her friends. Swift is known as everyone’s best friend, a real girls-girl and one of the few celebrities that takes time out of her busy schedule to write back to her fans via social media. She’s sent fans Christmas presents, birthday presents and has sent them pages of hand-written notes back; she’s just as devoted to her fans as they are to her.

Along with being a great friend, Swift is also known for giving great advice, whether it be about love, life, high school, careers, Swift has your back. Before she slowed things down a bit, Swift began talking about being in relationships and in love and what it feels like to have your heart broken. She specified on what it’s like to be in a rocky, on-and-off relationship and how the best thing to do, no matter how hard it is at the time, is to walk away from someone. There is no better feeling than being free of someone, and being clean of them, which was a segue into her song “Clean,” which is presumably about her finally getting over ex-boyfriend Harry Styles from One Direction. Keeping in tune with the love-themed songs, Swift sang “This Love,” and then followed up with a mashup of her song “Enchanted,” from her “Speak Now” album and her newest single that was released this month, “Wildest Dreams.” Continuing on her streak of No.1 hits, Swift sang “Style,” “Blank Space,” and the much buzzed about and MTV VMA Video of the Year winner, “Bad Blood.” Swift was also changing the meaning of guest stars, as she brought a different singer/group out on stage with her every night for a guest appearance. For this Friday night, Swift brought on stage Walk the Moon, who sang their No. 1 hit of the summer, “Shut Up and Dance,” with Swift herself. To close out the show, Swift brought all of her band members, dancers and back-up singers to the catwalk to sing her first single and No.1 hit “Shake It Off,” from her latest album. The catwalk separated from the stage and moved closer to the crowds in the back of the stadium and the sides, as it slowly spun from side to side, making Swift and her company look like they were gliding over the audience. Ending the show with the biggest hit of 2014, accompanied by fireworks, pyrotechnics and a final farewell to the her 60,000 friends, it’s clear to anyone that this is a Taylor Swift world and we all just live in it.


The Truth about Stretching


By Elizabeth Phinney | Photo/Video: Valencio Small

t is truly a marvel to me how something so relaxing and stress- relieving is tough for many to do! I am talking about stretching. Perhaps you are aware of the confusion surrounding stretching: when to do it, for how long, when not to do it, do you really need to do it‌there are quite a few questions people typically have.

First of all, that there have been many studies conducted concerning stretching. I have been witnessing the benefits of stretching in the thousands of hours spent with clients and classes I have been working with over the last 15 years. These experiences have enabled me to develop my own theories about the benefits of stretching. To my knowledge, I am a certain that the stretching is a necessary inclusion during the process of aging.

other words, once you warm up for the exercise, you are ready to go. However, it is critical that you stretch afterwards – once the exercise is completed – to realign the tissue. And although the duration of each stretch is often stated 20 seconds if it is a static (held in one position without movement) stretch, I ALWAYS have clients stretch 30 seconds. (Ballistic stretching, or bouncing stretching is never advised unless under specific supervision.)

The principle behind stretching is to re-align the muscle tissue that you have engaged during your exercise or activity. Understand that with exercise comes the constant contraction of muscle tissue throughout the activity. In order for that tissue to maintain its flexibility, it is of the utmost importance that you stretch it back into its alignment with all the muscle fibers that have been compromised. But, what I have encountered is a client who played tennis in his youth and because he never stretched afterwards, he can not straighten his knees – literally, which leads to strain on the lower back, a tilted pelvis, shortness in height and a multitude of other problems and pains. Since

Something else that works exceptionally well is to stretch after working a specific body part. In other words, when you have done your upper back strengthening, stretch the upper back right away. When you have worked your biceps, stretch your biceps right away. By stretching right away, you help the exhausted muscle tissue to go back to where it belongs so that knots and strains do not get aggravated. And, again, hold each stretch for 30 seconds. The only time that I don’t push stretching right away is when working the legs. We work all the leg exercises and then do all the leg stretches.

I work with people over 45, I get the results of their bad habits! Trying to fix the problem at this stage is not impossible, but not easy for him in the diligence to which he will have to adhere for years to come to offset the damage done. That is why stretching is so important – the damage done will show up years later and be much more difficult to deal with.

When you are in the middle of a stretch, try very hard NOT to simply watch the clock tick out the 30 seconds. Rather, close your eyes and breathe. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Breathe deeply. Allow your body to relax into the stretch – all the muscle tissue will be much more inclined to let go if you are more relaxed and long deep breaths will do that. Besides, you only need 3 – 4 deep breaths to complete a stretch!!

Studies have shown that stretching before exercise really does not offset injury during the exercise itself. In

Stretching is not just to follow exercise, though that is typically what it is used for. If you are a handcrafter

of any sort, I guarantee you that stretching will help you. I often have clients who are needle pointers or knitters. Shoulder issues abound as well as hand and forearm problems. Sitting too long in a car gives us the sense that we need to stand up and stretch – which we should do at least every two hours when on a long trip. And, now-a-days with the addictive use of cell phones and handheld devices, our necks are getting abused and all the muscles in the back of the neck are getting over-stretched, forcing the head to list farther forward. As a result, when we are older, that will become quite a problem, not just for our necks, but for our entire posture. There are 5 stretches that you should know by heart that will come in handy with most exercise activity you do. Believe me, there are dozens more, but, for now, the attached video will help point you in the right direction to get started with incorporating stretching into your life.


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